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Study Medicine in Georgia: Best Opportunity for MBBS Abroad Aspirants


Georgia is located in the Caucasus region of Eastern Europe, on the Black Sea coast. The population of this country is 3.7 million. And this country covers 69,700 square kilometers. The official language of this country is Georgian, which is spoken by almost 87.6% of its population. Besides this there are other languages in this country, with number 14, eg: Russia, English, Assyrian.etc.

Advantages of Study Medicine in Georgia

     The education of Georgia is quite reliable, and the price is also low.
     The universities of this country are WHO, and MCI, recognized.
     The language of teaching, in Georgia, is English.
     The country, Georgia, is safe for students, which ensures to manage all the needs for students’ safety.
     Medical aspirants, who want to study abroad, can choose this country as a permanent residency because this country provides a highlight opportunity to their students.

Why do students choose Georgia to Study Medicine?

There are several reasons to Study MBBS in Georgia, the top reasons are given below.

     WHO and MCI Recognised Medical Universities: There are many top universities in this country, from which students can complete their MBBS. There are 18 top universities in this country, which are recognised by WHO, and MCI.
     Modern Infrastructure and Modern Equipment to get the best study: The medical universities in this university provide the best modern facilities to their students, and use modern tips and tricks to explain all the educational fundamentals to their students which help to stay updated with trending information and future opportunities.
     No need to clear entrance exams: Each medical aspirant has a dream to get selected by the top universities, to pursue MBBS but there are no entrance exams to get the best MBBS Universities in Georgia. The students who want to get admission in Georgia Medical University are to get a minimum 50% in their 12th standard, And must have subjects” Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. This criteria to study MBBS in Georgia, makes an easy journey towards medical aspirants dreams.
     Affordable Universities to study MBBS: There are several top universities, which provide the best affordable MBBS courses which help each student to get admission in top colleges and to get fulfilled their dreams to study abroad.
     Personality Development through the Environment: Study Abroad is the best experience for medical aspirants. Studying in such a country, where we can find the best opportunities and modern culture, which helps students to enhance his personality. The Environment and the culture of the universities and Georgia, include modernizations, which helps students to develop a better personality, which helps MBBS students to create a better personality for their career.

Georgia Top Medical Colleges

Choosing theGeorgia Top Medical Colleges includes several factors a student needs to focus on. Like, research opportunities, education quality, research opportunities, clinical exposure student lifestyle: and career prospect Reputation of academic, clinical exposure.
The list is given below of the Top colleges to enroll in its MBBS programme.

Akaki Tsereteli University: Akaki Tsereteli University is located in Kutaisi. This university is well famous for its MBBS courses. There are highly skilled researchers and professors in Thai universities. This university offers MBBS in top five specializations, such as Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, physical therapy, and general medicine.

Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University: The university is located in Batumi, Georgia. Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University is well known for its MBBS courses. The skilled professors provide the best study education to their students and guide the students to get the best opportunity in their medical career. In this university, not only is the best education provided, but also, the best practical training, by skilled professors.

European University: The European University is located in Tbilisi in Georgia. This university provides the best education and training in the top specializations like public health, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, and general medicine. This university provides modern facilities and uses trending and modern teaching methods to clear all the points of students.

Ivane Javakhishivili Tbilisi State University: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi University is located in Tbilisi, Georgia. The university offers several specializations of medicine, like public health, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, and physical therapy. Inane Javakhishvilli Tbilisi State University provides best facilities to their MBBS students. There are best furnished classrooms in these universities and includes advanced and best research centers.

New Vision University, Georgia: New Vision University Georgia is located in Tbilisi, Georgia. The university’s education system is not only based on theoretical university but also based on practical experiences. The university offers specializations like public health, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, general medicine. New Vision University includes the best modern facilities.

Syllabus to Study Medicine in Georgia

Students who are going to study medicine in Georgia, should know about the syllabus of their courses. So, all the syllabus is given below in the table.



First Year

Human Anatomy, Cytology, Internal Medicine, Chemistry Bioorganic, Elective Courses, General Psychology, 

Second Year 

Psychology, Histology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Patient Care, 

Third Year

Medical Chemistry, Forensic Medicine, Radiology, Embryology, ENT,

Fourth Year

Community Medicine, Allied Subjects, Surgery, Pharmacology. 

Fifth Year 

Gynecology, Infectious Disease, Clinical Phase, Obstetrics & Ophthalmology. 

Sixth Year 

This year is for an internship. The senior Doctors guide the students, in the government or private colleges. . 

Georgia Best MBBS University

About the Georgia Best MBBS University, In which the students can enrol to study MBBS abroad. Though, there are several top medical universities in this country. In which the students can get admission to get the best education of MBBS for their best future, the list of top medical Universities are given below in the table.

Name of University 

Year of Establishment 

Bastumi Shota Rustaveli State University 


Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University


New Vision UNiversity


Akaki Tsereteli State University 


European University 


LLC Caucasus International University 


Tbilisi State Medical University 


East European University


David Tvildiani Medical Universities 


About the Scholarship to Study Medicine in Georgia

Students who are going to study MBBS can get the scholarships for their studies. There are several scholarships, for students, provided by Georgia. Scholarship helps students to get best hostels and accommodations and in their tuition fees also. Scholarships are given to exceptional students, by the medical universities of Georgia.

Cost of MBBS in Georgia

Cost of MBBS in Georgia is different according to each university. The total fee structure includes tuition fee, hostel oraccommodations, and few other charges. According to college information, In Georgia, the tuition fees of universities are between “ 4000 USD to 8000 USD”. The hostel or accommodation fees are around 2500 USD. The OTC are between 2000 USD to 3200 USD.
Additionally, students who have 55% in their 12th standard can get the opportunity to get scholarships for their MBBS program. The scholarships help students to make student's journey towards their dream. To increase the opportunity to get the best scholarships, the students need to do their best to get the best marks, as they can because the scholarships depend on their academic’s scores.

Georgia MBBS Duration

The Duration of MBBS course in Georgia is 6 years. In which, students study MBBS courses in different subjects and in the final year every student completes their internship, also.Documents required to get admission in the top universities in Georgia.

     Passport copy
     Invitation letter Copy
     Marks Sheets Copy.
     Birth Certificate.
     Medical Certificates
     8 Passport size photographs.


The Medical Universities of Georgia, provides the best facilities to their MBBS students and also, provides best guidance to their future. Medical aspirants who want to pursue their MBBS abroad, can choose this country, for their bright future in medical career. The Georgia medical universities provide the best opportunities to their MBBS students. AS there are several top universities to study and there are top hospitals, also, to get practical experience. As there are several best universities, medical aspirants can choose Georgia for MBBS courses.

Frequently asked questions

Question: 1 What is the duration of MBBS courses in Georgia?
Answer: 1 The duration of MBBS courses, offered by the universities in Georgia, is 5 years.

Question: 2 Is the entrance exam mandatory to pursue MBBS in Georgia?
Answer: 2 No the test “IELTS” is not mandatory to purses MBBS in Georgia.

Question: 3 Is internship compulsory to get in admission to the universities of MBBS in Georgia?
Answer: 3 One internship is compulsory to pursue MBBS in Georgia.

Question: 4 What is the age required for MBBS admission in Georgia?
Answer: 4 The age required to get admission, in the MBBS duration of the age is between 17 to 25.

Question: 5 Is the degree, provided by the medical universities, is valid in India and all over the world?
Answer: 5 Yes, the degree provided by the University of Georgia is accepted in India and also many countries from all over the world.

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