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Canada is the second largest country in terms of land after Russia. Canada, which is also known as ‘mini Punjab’ due to the Punjabi population in many states of the country, has acquired great pride in the education sector by offering well-developed engineering, management, and technical universities to domestic and foreign students.

Today, Study in Canada has become the third world-leading study-abroad destination by setting up the best universities thus intensifying the competition for other European universities. Every year more than 3 lakh Indian students fly off to study abroad in Canada to chase their goals. The country has the second largest area in the world after Russia.

Why Select Study in Canada? (Infographic)

In India, many students want to study in Canada for specific reasons. Below we share some of the best reasons why students prefer to study here. Interested candidates can check carefully.

     Academic Excellence

    This is one of the prime reasons students wish to study in Canada due to the high quality of education. When you get a degree from a Canadian university it acts as a mark of trust and excellence.

     Cultural Diversity

    Canada's multicultural climate fosters friendliness and harmonious living beyond comparison. In actuality, there are a large number of Indians who reside, work, and study here. In addition, the blending of cultures will introduce you to celebrations and customs you were unaware of.

     Work Facilities While Learning

    Many international students thanks to this golden opportunity, learn while learning. The Canadian government allows for work-time work (20 hours per week). To work on campus or as an intern in any company.

     Safe and peaceful

    This is also one of the major reasons students choose to study in Canada. According to the last few year's data, Canada is the 3rd safest country in the world. International students can enjoy themselves as a Canadian student.

Study in Canada Fees

Here is the list of the Average Canada university fee structure we have suggested to the students for choosing the best college for higher education.

Canada University Fees
Tuition Fee 20,000 CAD
Living and Accommodation 10,200 CAD
Visa Fee 235 CAD
Total 30,435 CAD
Additional Charges
IELTS Exam Fee Rs.15,500 CAD
Airfare from India to Canada Rs.55,000 CAD
Total Rs.70,500 CAD

Study in Canada Eligibility Criteria

For Undergraduate For a Postgraduate
Secondary Education and required 60% marks in 12 Successful bachelor's degree and 65% marks needed in the Bachelor
The required IELTS score for applicants is 6.0. For a master’s degree, students require a 6.5 IELTS score.

Intakes in Canada

Canadian universities offer three intakes. Intakes known as semesters also. The three intakes available in Canada are as follows:

     Fall:The popular intakes among students. This intake starts in September.
     Winter:Start in January.
     Summar:Summar intakes usually start from April to May.

Work Permit for International Students

Without the need to apply for a separate work permit, study permits will automatically authorize the holder to work full-time (40 hours per week) during specified vacancies and more than 20 hours per week on/off campus during the academic term.

The Holders of study permits must be enrolled in an academic, professional, or vocational program of six months or longer at a Designated Institution that results in a degree, diploma, or certificate.

Popular Universities

Frequently Asked Questions for Study in Canada

Q1.What are the criteria for international students to work while studying in Canada?

Without the need to apply for a separate work permit, study permits will automatically authorize the holder to work full-time (40 hours per week) during a vacation and more than 20 hours per week on/off campus during the academic term.

Q2.Why study in Canada for Indian Students?

Several factors attract students from all over the world.
1.Qualification is valid all over the world.
2.Multicultural environments.
3.Healthy or safe communities.
4.Paid internships while studying abroad.

Q3.What are the top-ranked universities in Canada?

Canada has the top 3 universities that are ranked under the top 100 world.
1.University of Toronto
The University of Toronto is a top-ranked university in Canada. If we talk about the country ranking of this university i.e. 1st and 22nd over the world.
2.University of British Columbia
The University of British Columbia is the second most popular university in the nation. At present university holds 2nd position in the country and 32nd position over the world.
3.McGill University
The university ranked in 3rd position in the nation and 58th globally for having the most diamonds. The most prestigious university in the country is McGill University.

Q4.Is an IELTS score required to study in Canada?

Yes, to get admission to top Canadian universities students are required aggregate score of 6.5. IELTS is a mandatory examination as an entrance test to study in Canada.

Q5.Is there free medical care available for international students in Canada?

While Canada is well-known for its free healthcare system, the majority of these services are only available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. As an effect, all aspirants studying in Canada must get health insurance for their program.

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