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Planning to study in MBBS abroad? Check the fees, colleges and other details

Planning to study in MBBS abroad? Check the fees, colleges and other details

Planning to MBBS abroad now is not a difficult task for a medical student. There are so many medical colleges in the world that provide the best structure of high education academic courses and a friendly environment. If you're a medical aspirant and trying to get admission to a foreign country for MBBS abroad, scroll down and look at the top MBBS colleges in Russia.

The National Medical Commission (NMC) has also validated the degree of these Medical Universities in India. It means that foreign medical graduate students can also appear in the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE)/ National Exit Test (NEXT) exam in India after completing MBBS in Russia.

Russia is the best country for higher education that offers more than 100 medical institutes. The admission process of the Russian university is very simple and easy to understand and this MBBS University follows the cheapest fee structure that makes it the right place for the medical students. 

Through the affordable and cheapest fee structure of Russian universities, one can easily make an effort to study MBBS abroad. Russian universities give various types of opportunities and facilities to their students and there is no entrance exam to get admission in MBBS course in Russia. 

Russia is the best choice for the MBBS abroad as compared to the other European medical colleges because of the facilities and infrastructure that are provided by these colleges. Here we’re sharing the list of the best universities in Russia that make your dream to study abroad. 

Voronezh State Medical University 

Voronezh State Medical University: - VSMU is one of the leading Medical universities in Russia that is recognized globally. This university has made its signature mark as a top medical university in Russia by providing extraordinary academic courses and the best living facilities to the alumni. For those aspirants who are thinking about flying to Russia for a better education and curriculum programme, this college is suitable for them.

Location of the University

Voronezh State Medical University was founded in 1918 and it is located at Voronezh in the city of Russia. 

Academic faculties by the Voronezh State Medical University 

Voronezh State Medical University offers the best scientific research in Medicine, Biology and Pharmacy. Voronezh has made itself successful as a student city with approx. 30 educational institutions with total the number of 74 thousand students having admission every year.

  •   Faculty of General Medicine
  •   Faculty of Dentistry
  •   Faculty of Pediatrics
  •   Faculty of Pharmacy
  •   Faculty of Medical Psychology
  •   Faculty of Preventive Medicine
  •   Faculty of Postgraduate Education
  •   Faculty of International Students

Fee structures of Voronezh State Medical University

VSMU has provided the educational programme at the tuition Fee 3, 64,000 RUB for medical aspirants.

How to apply to this University

Voronezh State Medical University is one of the oldest and the well- known universities in Russia. The alumni can easily apply to this university with simple steps and processes. Look at the application process for getting admission to this university:- 

  •   The aspirants have to submit all the essential identification documents to the Russian Federation. 
  •   Those students who don't have a visa must have to apply for a visa first. Visa students must submit a passport copy, school certificate copy, and Free-form application for an invitation from the Russian Federation. 

Hostel facilities for the Students 

  •   Voronezh State Medical University has a flawless design which is based on modern architecture. It has big dormitories for its students. 
  •   The building structure of this university has a dual architecture that is a combination of the old traditional and modern buildings. 
  •   The hostels and living areas are available for all the students in the city. The charge for the dormitory is Rs. 24,614. 
  •   The students also have an option for their own private apartments outside the campus. 

Crimea Federal University (CFU)

Crimea Federal University is one of the most popular medical universities in Russia. This university is situated in Crimea State. For student service and support, there are 7,000 members of staff available from all over the world.

Every year more than 3000 international students get admission to this campus. Crimea Federal University (CFU) has a high class of well-qualified staff members that fulfil all kinds of European standards of education. 

Crimean Federal University which is also known as V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University contains 23 academic courses including 12 university branches 10 academies and institutes, and 7 colleges which are located across Crimea.

How to apply

  •   The students have to first fill in the Application form through the Official Website of the University.
  •   After filling out the Application form the authority will match the student's eligibility for admission. If the students qualify for all the eligibility tests for admission the authority will send the Admission letter and Visa invitation letter from the University. 
  •   After approval of the Visa and other documentation, the student has to book their flight and arrangements of transportation. 
  •   When the student arrives in the Russian Federation territory, it is mandatory for all the students to be registered at University in three working days with complete documents and a complete first-year payment receipt of the registered academic courses.

Fees Structure 

For taking admission at the university the student must have to check the fee and other academic structure. The Crimea Federal University (CFU) always provides top-class medical courses at an affordable cost. The basic fee structure for studying at this university is 1st-250000 RUB and 2nd-6th-300000 RUB per year which are provided by the university.

Northern State Medical University

It was founded on 16 December 1932. This is the well-renowned medical university in Russia which is located in Arkhangelsk, Russia. The University offered the best medical courses as well as other graduation and post-graduation academic programs. 

The University has achieved many accomplishments and has been honoured by many international authorities, including the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

There are many reasons that prove the Northern State Medical University is the best medical university for medical aspirants. The university provides a friendly- environment, MBBS courses at affordable prices, and always keeps the comfort of the students in mind.

The University provides curriculum activities like cultural programs, Dramas, Spring of Dances and other contests for the students so students focus on their social life. The university also managed the student’s socio-economical benefits that support the students’ living conditions, employment market, and salary.

Fee structure 

Northern State Medical University has a 6-year MBBS with a 1-year internship to the students and the total fee for the six-year program is 3, 00,000 ruble per year.

How to apply

For applying to this university the students must have a science background and pass out with 5% marks.

Academic courses provided by the University

  •   Northern State Medical University has offered these Academic courses to their students::- 
  •   General Medicine (MBBS)
  •   Pediatrics
  •   Public Health (Master) 
  •   Medical-prophylactic 
  •   Nursing 
  •   Clinical (Medical) Psychology 
  •   Social Work
  •   Pharmacy 
  •   Adaptive Physical Training
  •   Management
  •   Economy and Finances

 Hostel facilities:-

Northern State Medical University has special living facilities for the students. The rooms which are provided by the university are for 2-3 persons with all the home alliances.

Chuvash State Medical University

Chuvash State Medical University is located in the capital of the Chuvash Republic, Russia. This is one of the best universities in Russia that make sure that students can easily apply for the MBBS abroad. Chuvash state medical university was founded in 1967.

In this university, a maximum number of 10,000 alumni have taken admitted to study MBBS in Russia. This is the most well-known university for MBBS aspirants that are also recognized by the Medical Council of India, the World Health Organization, and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. 

Fee structure provided by the University

Talking about the MBBS course in this college, it offers the 6 years academic program to their students. The total fee of this university is approximately 2,00,000 rubles per year.

Can apply

For admission to this college students must have to qualify NEET exam with 50% in the 12th class with subjects Physics, Biology, and Chemistry (40% marks are essential for reserved category candidates).

Chuvash state medical university faculties

Chuvash state medical university has offered many facilities for medical students to support them. 

Informatics and Computer Engineering

  •   Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Physics and Information Technology
  •   Faculty of Radio Electronics and Automation
  •   Faculty of Civil Engineering
  •   Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  •   Faculty of Energy and Electrical Engineering
  •   Faculty of Management and Social Technologies
  •   Faculty of History and Geography
  •   Faculty of Medicine
  •   Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy
  •   Faculty of Foreign Languages
  •   Faculty of Russian and Chuvash Philology and Journalism
  •   Faculty of Economics
  •   Faculty of Law
  •   Faculty of Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the duration for pursuing MBBS abroad?

Ans: Basically, there is 6-year duration for the MBBS from abroad. In the final year, students get a 1-year internship.

Q2. Is it necessary to learn the Russian language to study MBBS from abroad?

Ans: It is not mandatory to learn the Russian language to study MBBS in Russia. All the academic courses are also available in the English language.

Q3. Which is the best university in Russia for pursuing MBBS? 

Ans: Voronezh State Medical University, Crimea Federal University, Northern State Medical University and Chuvash State Medical University are the best universities in Russia for doing MBBS in Russia.

Q4. Is it mandatory to clear the NEET entrance exam to study MBBS from abroad?

Ans: Yes, for pursuing the MBBS from abroad it is mandatory to clear the National Eligibility Test (NEET) without qualifying, you can't go for study MBBS abroad. 

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