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Plan to Study in Canada with the University of Windsor


Canada, which is also known as mini Punjab because of the huge population of Punjabis living in the many states of Canada, has also gained excessive pride in the education sector by providing numerous well-built medical, management, and technical universities for the national and international students. These days Study in Canada is more popular across the world for establishing the top universities raising the tough competition for other European educational institutions in the world. 

The University Ranking of Canada is almost at the top list when we compare all the universities in the world. Indian students prefer to go to Canada to pursue higher education in several interesting fields. 

University of Windsor Canadais one of the most prestigious universities for international students to pursue higher education in the medical field. Windsor University was founded in 1857 and the university is located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Windsor is Canada's beautiful place which is situated on the bank of the Detroit River and the pleasant weather conditions of this city will refresh your mood. 

The University of Windsor is one of the oldest public research universities that aims to provide the best learning platform to the students for the research work, teaching, and discovery of new things in the science, business, technology and medical fields.

Currently, in the university, there are more than 16,000 students enrolled in several fields of learning including undergraduates (UG), postgraduates (PG), Ph.D., and other doctoral programs. The success mantra of this university is its strong infrastructure, innovative staff members, upgraded academic degrees or courses, and helpful consultancy team. The University of Windsor ranking shows that it’s one of the most successful universities in Canada in the world.

The university has offered many academic facilities to students so that they can develop the basic elements of living after completing their educational degree. The university has provided a strong relationship between the teachers and students that can be responsible for making a better world where students will be trained with new skills and keep the creative and innovative approach.

The University of Windsor offers more than 200+ programs at an effective and pocket-friendly fee structure. The students can do their undergraduate and postgraduate courses by spending a low amount of money. This university fee structure has also attracted the attention of the students. The university has collaborated with many other universities and top industrial companies of the world which opens many career opportunities for the students to make a better future. 

Highlights of the University of Windsor


University of Windsor 


Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge

Located at 

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

University Type 

Public Research University

Founded Year 



  • The Council of Ontario University (COU)

Total No. of Students 

16,321 (as of 2020)

Academic Programs 

  • 190 Undergraduates Programs 

  • 65 Graduates Programs

  • 6 other Professional Programs

Total Faculty 


Required English Proficiency Test result 

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with a minimum 6.5 score in a maximum band of 6 in each section such as Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum score of 70-90.

Why Choose the University of Windsor

     The University of Windsor Canada has a strong infrastructure and boasts a secure management system for all the students who are living inside or outside the campus. The university has spread into 51 hectares (130 acres) of land. The university is surrounded by a large residential area and a small arboretum. 
     The university has facilitated high learning opportunities. The University has many facilities to offer the best practical training in the various fields/degree programs which are specially designed to provide high-end education with practical skills.
     The university has a digital classroom which is based on modern technologies that help the students to learn virtually and try to clear all the doubts of the students related to the academic syllabus. 
     Students have also been taught all the strategies, logical, intellectual skills and practical training through the virtual mode. The University Canada has separate laboratories for all the specialized curriculum courses.
     All the programs are also available in the English language for international alumni. In case they do not understand the Canadian language they can read the academic course in the English language.
     The university has organized various types of cultural programs, seminars, tournaments and activities related to academics. The main purpose of these activities is to build a strong interaction between the students and make a powerful learning environment where the professors and students can coordinate with each other.
     The university has several colleges and departments that provide undergraduate and postgraduate education. The colleges and departments are well-equipped with modern facilities and well-trained faculty.

University of Windsor Ranking

Windsor University shares an impressive reputation among the worldwide university rankings. The university has made its success marks in the education sector by providing the best skills relevant to the demands of the 21stcentury. University of Windsor's rankingis always high at the country level as well as compared to the other European countries. 

Let’s take a look at the University of Windsor ranking in 2023 according to 4icu.org:- 

University of Windsor Ranking2023

World Ranking of the University 


Country Ranking of the University 


The above table shows how the university made its successful mark in the world of education. The university is set at the top position in university Canada.

University of Windsor Courses 

The University of Windsor offers a wide range of academic programs to national and international students. These programs come under the Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. There are so many professional schools built on the University of Windsor campus that provide a large number of University of Windsor courses.

Every year there are a maximum of 15000+ students who get admission to the University of Windsor courses for pursuing higher education and achieving their goals. In this university, the students will definitely find a way to make a bright future for themselves. 

This university provides a strong management structure to interact with other students, good faculty staff members, and many career opportunities to explore their interests. The 

University Canada has offered more than 200+ UG and PG courses. The students will enroll in any University of Windsor courses including Law, Business, Engineering, Education, Nursing, Human Kinetics, and Social Work. 

Here’s the list of the academic faculty:-

Duration of Degrees/ Programs

Degrees/ Diploma 

Program Duration


2 Years


4 Years

Doctoral or PhD 

2 – 5 Years

Post Graduate Diploma (PGD)/ Graduate Certificate

1 – 2 Years

Under Graduate Diploma (UGD)

  • The 2-year program is a Diploma

  • Advanced Diploma is a 3-year program

Academic Eligibility

Bachelor’s Degree 

The minimum eligibility requirement is 10+2 schooling

Master’s degree 

The minimum requirement is 12+4 years of education with a good score on graduation 

Post Graduation Diploma (PGD)

Bachelor’s Degree with 55% of the score mark 

University of Windsor Fees

The University of Windsor comprises an affordable University of Windsor Fees.The students can pursue academic degrees from this university for approximately Rs.15 to 20 lacs. 

TheUniversity of Windsor fees have been distributed into four categories. The charges are different for their own citizens or international students. The tuition fees are divided into four types of categories:- 

Canadian Residents,

Those students who are permanent residents of Canada or reside in the country 

Outside of Canada 

Those students who have citizenship in Canada but live outside of the country

For US Students

These fee categories are for those students who are US citizen

International Students

Those who totally belong to the other country or don’t have permanent residency in Canada

These fee categories will give a soft idea for estimating your tuition fee rate.

Fee structure of the University of Windsor

Fee Structure for one-year degree programs to Study in Canada

Tuition Fee 

20,000 CAD

Living and Accommodation

10,200 CAD

Visa Fee

235 CAD

Grand Total 

30,435 CAD

Admission Process

Most of the students are confused about how to get admission to their favorite university. When so many web pages are available on the internet related to admission to study in Canada. It makes it so difficult to find the authentic admission process at a university.

At the University of Windsor Canada, there are three main intakes of fall, winter, and spring i.e. September, January, and May. The students will follow these steps to get admission to this college:- 

     First, The applicant has to register himself through online mode on the official website of the university.
     In the registration process, the alumni have to submit all the documents related to their education, health reports, photographs, original passports, and visa copies.
     After that, the university will send the acceptance letter if the student stands in all eligibility criteria which is required for the course or program chosen by the student.
     Then, the students have to pay for the specific course which they want to pursue at the university.
     Next, the university will send the admission confirmation letter or invitation letter to the students. It means the admission of the students is accepted by the university and the students can go for study abroad.
     The final step is the visa process and the arrangement of the accommodation to the university. For getting the visa the students can contact the university consultancy, support, or service and the other way is to contact the nearest Canadian embassy.

Important Documents

According to the Students Direct Stream (SDS) program which was released on the 7th

of June 2018 the Canadian government indicated some necessary documents for Indian students to study at the University Canada:-

     The Students must have to clear the IELTS exams with a good score. The IELTS scorecard will be valid for 2 years from the attempt. 
     The students have to purchase a special Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) to cover the living expenses for the first year of their stay.
     First-year payment receipt proof of the tuition fee.
     Medical reports of the students
     Visa Applications must be submitted online.
     English Proficiency Test scorecard.

Scholarships for International Students

The University of Windsor Canada has always supported its students in all fields. The university has many financial aid organizations, programs, and activities for helping the financially weak and backward students. The aim of this program is to provide the benefit of the student community. The aim of this University of Windsor Scholarships for International Students. 

The university is dedicated to helping those alumni who performed well in their studies and academic courses. The University of Windsor entrance scholarship program amount has been set between 1000 CAD to 2000 CAD. 

     University of Windsor Skills Competition Scholarship
     University of Windsor Open Entrance Scholarship program
     UWindsor Science Olympiad
     Windsor Regional Science, Tech. and Engineering Fair 
     Windsor Essex Great Lakes District FIRST Robotics Competition

Student Life on the Campus

Residence and Living Areas:- The student will have a memorable life on this campus. The students will find all the facilities to spend their quality time with their fellow students. The student's residence is located inside the university campus and the hostel rooms are furnished by all the home alliances and furniture. 

Food and Canteen:- The University has many restaurants and canteens inside the campus. The students can get to gather, small parties and plan for small treats for their fellow mates. Parents and Guardians do not have to worry about their children’s health, meal plan, and diet because the university will take responsibility for providing fresh food and meals to the students. 

Sports tournaments:- The University of Windsor has organized many kinds of sports tournaments, matches, competitions, and activities to support the students physically and keep them healthy. The students will participate in them and enjoy all the activities during their student life. There are so many sports competitions that are held on the campus on the country level as well as world level.

Big Laboratory and Library: The laboratory and Library are the most important parts of any university because these make the study more interesting and easy. The faculties, professors, and teachers of this university have a main focus on providing practical training as compared to theoretical concepts. The laboratories are full of modern equipment and the library is full of the latest and most knowledgeable novels, autobiographies, etc. 

Clubs and studios:- The university has singing, dancing, and acting studios for the students so that they can chill and enjoy themselves with their friends and capture the happiest moments of the students life.

Gym with Physical Trainers- Health is the key to success. A healthy body keeps an innovative mind and thoughts. At this university, the students will go to the gym for regular exercise to maintain their fitness and health. The university has also provided gym trainers and health coaches to the students during their sessions so that the students will be trained properly.

Interesting Facts about Canada

The University of Windsor is located in Canada. Let's take a look at some interesting terms related to Canada after making any plans to get admission to the University of Windsor- 


North America


Around 35 million

Capital of Canada


Largest City of Canada 


Number of Provinces


Number of Territories



Canadian Dollars 

Number of Universities 

More than 95

Official Language

English, French, and Punjabi

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.Where is the University of Windsor located?

The University of Windsor is situated in Ontario, Canada. The university will be the best choice for study in Canada.

2.Is an English Proficiency Test necessary for getting admission to the University in Windsor?

Yes, English Proficiency tests such as IELTS, and TOEFL are necessary for students to get admission to a Canadian university.

3.What are the university fees for pursuing degree programs from study in Canada?

The tuition fee for pursuing the degree programs to study in Canada is approximately 20,000 CAD, living expenses are 10,200 CAD and the Visa cost is 235 CAD. The overall total fee is approximately 30,435 CAD.

4.Which types of programs are available at the University of Windsor for international students?

There are so many undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs and language courses available for the students. The international students will get admission to their specific courses as per their interests and choices.

5.How many international students are in the university to study in Canada?

The university has ranked at the top position in the country as well as worldwide. That is the biggest reason for the students to get enrolled in the University of Windsor to pursue their higher education. Currently, there are more than 10,000+ foreign students studying at the University of Windsor.

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