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Osh State University for the Best Medical Career in Kyrgyzstan


Kyrgyzstan offers many universities for pursuing medical courses. In Kyrgyzstan, students will find a perfect place for higher education. Osh State University is one of the prominent universities in Kyrgyzstan that gained massive popularity worldwide in providing the best education to students. The university is well-known for its innovative teaching skills, strong infrastructure, academic programs and a wide range of curriculum activities. 

The university always works to create a decent environment for all the international students who are pursuing higher education with the support of the faculty, teachers, professors, consultants and administrative staff. Osh State University is the best place for students to study MBBS abroad where they can enjoy multicultural awareness, harmony and peace during their academic courses. 

There are so many benefits for Indian and other international students for getting admission to Osh State University to complete their higher education in the MBBS program. The medical university has been approved by various worldwide organizations such as WHO, the Ministry of Education & Science, the Ministry of Public Health of the Kyrgyz Republic 

Osh International Medical University has a legacy to prepare the best medical graduates for the world who keep an innovative approach in the medical field and are always ready to help people during the pandemic. 

Osh International Medical University was established with the aim to provide an easy learning platform based on the academic and curriculum activity to develop the intellectual approach of the students.

After completing the medical graduation from Osh State University the student gets the various internship programs. The graduate students from this university can also practice medicine in hospitals, clinics and medical stores in Kyrgyzstan as well as in any place in the world. 

Why Choose Osh State University 

  Osh is one of the best universities in central Asia that has a strong infrastructure and it promotes a positive environment for all the students who come from all over the world. The university has aim to develop a creative and innovative medium of teaching so that the education will be spread to all the people.
  The university has plenty of courses at affordable Osh State University MBBS fees with a high quality of education that makes it the decent destinatIon to study MBBS abroad for Indian students. The university has always worked to build a good learning environment for the students so that they can reach the peak of their success.
  The team of teachers, instructors and professors at this university is well-qualified and well-educated. The university has regularly organized curriculum activities and sports tournaments to support their student’s physical health.
  The medical graduates from this university can practice medicine in their own country. Most of the medical councils of different countries have approved the medical degree of Osh University.
  The OSH medical university is approved by the top councils of NMC (National Medical Council), WHO. It means that medical graduates can also practice medicine in India.

Brief Details of OSH Medical University 

University Name 

OSH Medical University 


Kyrgyzstan (a transcontinental country in Europe and Asia)

Founded Year 


Approval By

  • National Medical Council
  • World Health Organization 
  • Ministry of Public Health of the Kyrgyz Republic
  • MBBS course duration 

    5 years

    Medium of learning 


    Tuition Fee per year 

    4000 USD

    NEET Eligibility 

    Yes, mandatory

    Osh State University Ranking

    The Osh State University University was established in 1951 and from its founding year the university has remained at the top position. The university has also achieved many global awards from the higher education institute. Osh State University ranking is the 10th place in the countryside and also the university has shared the best ranking as compared to the other medical universities across the world. 

    Ranking of the University

    World Ranking

    Country Ranking 



    How to apply to the Osh State University

    Osh State University’s admissions policy is open to anyone who wants to get admission to this medical university to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. Students are accepted regardless of their race, religion or nationality. Osh State University accepts applications from international students. Osh State University is always looking for ways to improve its programs and facilities for students.

    In addition, Osh State University actively contributes to society by supporting the development of intellectuals, quality education and thorough research. The university is constantly upgrading its technological infrastructure in order to maintain and strengthen the positive aspects of culture and tradition, and to develop other innovative and creative methods of education at the international level.

      There are so many ways to apply for admission to osh state university. The students will go through the online or offline way. 
      Submit all the necessary documents such as passports, copies, and educational certificates at the time of admission.
      Carefully choose the specific program course and pay the fee.
      Wait for confirmation from the university.
      After the above process, the next step is arrival. The student will arrange all the accommodation and transportation costs.

    Medical courses

      General Medicine M.D (Doctor of Medicine)
      Stomatology (Dentistry)
      Doctor of Dental Surgery
      Pediatrics M.D (Doctor of Medicine)
      Masters in Public Health

    Important Documents 

       10th Marksheet
       12th Marksheet
       Coloured Passport size Photographs
       Birth certificate
       Copy of the NEET Scorecard of the applicant

    Osh Medical University Fee Structures 2023

    Osh State University has been one of the most affordable and pocket-friendly options for Medical students for a long time due to Osh State University MBBS fees. Now, enrolling here for the MBBS course is easy and effective for the student. The Osh State Medical University MBBS Fee structure is very affordable compared to the other medical universities around the world. Here is the MBBS fee structure for 2023 for the university.

    Tuition Fee

    Hostel Charges 


    1st Year

    4000 USD

    2400 USD

    6,400 USD

    2nd Year to 4th Year

    4000 USD

    9,600 USD

    Grand Total 



    16,000 USD

    The students will get full support from the university. The Osh international medical university offers the admission package to postgraduate and undergraduate international students who come from different countries. In the admission package, the authority will help the students financially which covers the visa processing fee, admission charges, tuition fee, hostel fee, one-year visa fee and travelling arrangements for the students so that they don’t face any barriers in the way of getting an education from the university.

    Osh International Medical University is the best way to explore the field of medicine. The students will get all the important and necessary facilities during their academic courses at the university. The university has offered a large number of academic faculties, and programs.


    The university offers direct admission to the MBBS course without any entrance exam. The eligibility criteria of this university are:- 


    The candidate should be at above 17 years

    Academic qualification

  • Students must have obtained a 50% score in the 12th board exam with a recognized board.
  • The student must have the PCB subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) as their main subjects.
  • NEET Eligibility

    Yes, it's mandatory for any student to qualify for the NEET exam to get admission to Osh State Medical University.

    Hostel Facilities

      A comfortable space is available in the dormitory rooms of all students at Osh State University. All of the amenities of the home, including a refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, etc., are available for the students in their hostel rooms.
      Shared rooms, faculty mess, water purifiers, electricity, and other amenities are available in the hostel rooms of Osh State University.
      Indian food is served to the Indian students. The students will find all types of food from all over the world in the hostel’s canteen and the campus location is open and green. 
      The hostel rooms have separate dining areas for males and girls, and there is always WiFi available to students.
      Hostel rooms and restrooms are kept tidy and clean by Osh State University. The warden is on duty twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and the rooms have good ventilation. 
      Additionally, the students have access to emergency medical services all the time and also the university has followed a strict security system to keep all the students.

    Hostel Life of the Student

    Every student will find all kinds of opportunities and facilities on the campus whether it's a digital classroom, an advanced medical laboratory, a big library, a sports playground and many others. The management of the university has always encouraged a wide variety of academic, artistic, social, and innovative activities that are actively participated in by students. 

    In the university, the student can find a platform to perform in the various curriculum activities, sports tournaments, academic activities and visual arts that are organized by the collaboration of university authorities. On campus, there are a ton of activities organized for the students where they can participate in to have fun, remain occupied, and meet new people. In their leisure time, a student can go to see a movie or go out to a restaurant for a party.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1.What is the Osh State University MBBS fees? 

    Yes, Osh international medical university has many MBBS degree courses at the very cheapest fee. The students will pursue the MBBS from this University at a tuition fee of 4000 USD per year for the MBBS degree.

    2.What is the MBBS course duration at Osh International Medical University? 

    The university has provided 5 years of medical courses to the students. After completing the MBBS course the students will do the medical internship in any country of the world.

    3.Is the medical degree of Osh State University valid in India? 

    Yes, the medical degree of Osh University is valid in India. The National Medical Commission (NMC) has approved the medical degree of Osh State University. It means the foreign graduates can practice their medicine in India.

    4.Is Osh State University the best choice for pursuing MBBS abroad? 

    The medical university has been approved by various worldwide organizations such as WHO, Ministry of Education & Science, Ministry of Public Health of the Kyrgyz Republic. So yes, the MBBS form the Osh State University is the best choice for medical aspirants.

    5.What is the Osh State University Ranking at the country level? 

    According to the 4icu ranking website, the university has a 10th rank in the country. The university is the best university for providing medical courses.

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