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Latest Knowledge About Study MBBS Abroad in 2023

In this current era, the study of medicine and health science referred to as MBBS has grown over the past few years. Today, the number of students applying to study MBBS abroad is far greater than what it was a couple of years back. Why, what are the reasons behind the popularity of studying MBBS abroad? 

A number of limited seats in Indian medical universities. “By and large” in India, just 84,000 thousand MBBS seats are accessible and more than 16 lakh aspirants appeared in the NEET examination. According to the Ministry of India, the medical university of India has a 1:1000 ratio which is very overcrowded. 

In this case, is a Private medical university the one and only remaining to choose from for Indian aspirants. We know very well there are students who bear exorbitant tuition fees for MBBS courses. It is always harder for students to get admission and considering all other things, they decided to study MBBS abroad

A thousand students from India go abroad to study medicine abroad every year. One key factor i.e, pursuing an MBBS abroad is cheaper than in India. Foreign MBBS is easier for many Indian applicants. Approximately 20,000-25,000 Indian candidates go abroad to study medicine. 

Top Destinations to Study MBBS abroad for Indian Students 

MBBS in foreign medical universities is relatively cheaper and provides quality education, but you must choose the right university abroad to study MBBS. Check and select the best country that provides affordable as well as quality education. 

MBBS in Russia 

Study MBBS in Russia- High quality of medicine and a combination of the reasonable cost that makes Russia different from other countries. Russia welcomes every year more than 2,00,000 international students who come from abroad to study MBBS in Russia and apart from that, the Russian Federation provides scholarships for eligible students.

Russia has the highest number of MCI-approved medical universities i.e, 57. This figure is the “in the sky” in the world. If we talk about the education system in Russia so undoubtedly, the very best Russian education system ranked in the 25th position in the world. 

MBBS in Georgia 

MBBS in Georgia is another European alternative for Indian understudies. This is because of great education and study education as per the American or Indian prospectus in Georgia. A large portion of the universities for studying MBBS in Georgia is supported by WHO or MCI. The expense of MBBS in Georgia is reasonable for Indian understudies. The study of MBBS in Georgia is completely English medium. On the other hand, Georgia is the 6th safest country to study MBBS abroad. 

MBBS in Philippines 

The Philippines is one of the prime destinations to study MBBS abroad. The Philippines is the 3rd world largest English-speaking country in the world. If you plan to study in Philippines you can bear an average amount that is between 16 lakhs to 25 lakhs for the whole medical course. 

There are more than 35 MCI-approved medical universities in the Philippines that provide quality education and a study-friendly environment.

MBBS in Kazakhstan 

Medical studies are a fantasy of millions of understudies, Aspirants can get quality education from clinical universities in Kazakhstan a country which offers low educational expenses for MBBS to Indian understudies. They give full medical data about the understudies. Consistently countless Indian understudies go there for their clinical studies. 

You Know MBBS in Kazakhstan is one of the cheapest countries to study MBBS abroad. This is the main reason popularity of MBBS in Kazakhstan. 

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan 

Kyrgyzstan presents itself in front of the world as an affordable option for those who wish to study MBBS abroad. You can complete their entire medical courses for just 12-15 lakhs. Most clinical colleges in Kyrgyzstan are perceived by MCI, WHO, UNESCO, and other clinical screening sheets and are exceptional with present-day conveniences. The mode of guidance in colleges is English. 

They likewise have top-notch offices including lodging for unfamiliar understudies. The clinical training in the top universities in Kyrgyzstan has been contrasted with that of created nations like the US and European nations. 

MBBS in Bangladesh 

Study MBBS in Bangladesh - Indian students who need to pursue their clinical studies in Bangladesh can apply for direct affirmations under the SAARC Nations quota or apply straightforwardly to the university. The typical educational expense for chasing MBBS in Bangladesh is INR 15.79 Lakhs. 

There are more than 60 medical universities and 4 government medical universities in Bangladesh. MBBS in Bangladesh is the best option study MBBS for Indian students. 

MBBS in Nepal 

There are multiple reasons why you ought to concentrate on MBBS in Nepal. The nation is home to 20 clinical universities that offer quality clinical education while also underscoring viable information. MBBS in Nepal is also the one in India, so acing the test or graduating turns out to be a lot easier. 

Nepal is turning out to be in excess of a getaway destination. Today Nepal has different MCI-approved medical universities that make it simple for Indian understudies to lawfully rehearse medication. 

Why studying MBBS abroad is the best for Indian Students?

This profession became in high demand during the pandemic. Everybody realises the value of doctors. Many students are off from their dream to be doctors due to high tuition fees and tough competition in the medical field. But don’t worry students, globally, many nations offer the best medical education. Below we share some major facts about why students preferred to study MBBS abroad

Infrastructure: Foreign medical universities have a world-class infrastructure with all the modern facilities. It has modern equipment, the latest technology, modern laboratories and research centres as well. 

Cost of study: The fee of a private medical college in India is so much expensive. At a low-cost, students can complete their medical studies from abroad. Due to this valid reason, many students prefer to go overseas to study MBBS. 

International Recognition: Students who complete their medical education from foreign medical universities get international recognition when they return to India. It helps students to grow on a personal or professional level. 

Global Exposure: It's quite true that studying abroad will upgrade worldwide openness, which brings new open doors assisting with settling down. Communication with individual understudies from different nations also works on the flexibility of different societies. In the present worldwide society, students who can have worldwide clinical schooling enjoy a benefit in residency applications while they become doctors. 

FMGE/NEXT Coaching Available: Overseas has many countries and universities that provide FMGE/NEXT coaching training for Indian students together with medical education. This is undoubtedly good for Indian aspirants. 

Exam Requirement to study MBBS abroad 

MCI (Medical Council of India) made it mandatory for those who are waiting to study MBBS abroad to appear for the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). Candidates should note that the upper limit for appearing for the NEET is 25 years for General Category students and 30 years for reserve category students SC/ST/OBC. 

Age Requirement 

The students are required to have attained the age of 17 years of age on December 31st of the year he/she is pursuing MBBS. There is also no upper age limit to apply for MBBS abroad. 

Academics Requirements 

Candidates looking to pursue MBBS abroad are required to satisfy the statements:

  •   The students who complete their 12th class in any recognised board. 
  •   The general candidates must get an aggregate percentage of at least 50% or above in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 
  •   Reserved category students must obtain 40% marks in the 12th class in PCB. 
  •   English is the mandatory subject for both categories.
  •   Students are required to qualify for the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET). This is a fundamental requirement for Indian students if they are planning to study MBBS abroad. 

Country Wise Average Fee Structure to Study MBBS

Students if you are planning to study MBBS for those we share the average fee structure so that you make an able financial budget for the whole medical course. Candidates can check all the details along with the fee structure and duration of the course. 

Country Name 


Average Fees 

MBBS in Russia 

6 years 

14-24 lakhs 

MBBS in Georgia 

6 years

14-20 lakhs 

MBBS in Philippines

5.5 years 

17-25 lakhs

MBBS in Kazakhstan 

5+1 years 

12-15 lakhs

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan 

5+1 years 

12-18 lakhs 

MBSB in Nepal 

5.5 years 

25-30 lakhs 

MBBS Specializations offered by the top medical universities in Abroad

Every student want to be a doctor in a particular specialization of his or her interest. Medical universities abroad offer various MBBS specializations to Indian medical students to choose from and proceed with a medical career ahead. Some of the most popular ones opted for by students of MBBS abroad include. 

  •   General Medicine
  •   Pediatrics
  •   Dentistry 
  •   Surgery
  •   ENT
  •   Gynecology
  •   Orthopaedics 
  •   Dermatology
  •   Psychiatry 
  •   Ophthalmology

Types of Medical Licensing Exam after MBBS 

The ultimate motive of many students after completing MBBS abroad is to appear for the medical licencing exams of countries where they would like to practice medicine. Almost all foreign medical universities provide coaching for various medical license exams to their students. 

Medical Licencing Exams 












Things to Remember Before Applying MBBS Abroad 

While planning to study MBBS abroad , there is an important factor that is kept in mind to avoid mistakes and regrets at the same time. Points that must be considered have listed below:

Choose the Medical University Carefully 

Choosing the right university is the foremost decision toward the next step of education. Things that are kept in mind while selecting a university are infrastructure, laboratory and equipment, university curriculum, and university environment. 

Check Requirments 

Every university has its own eligibility criteria which are must to fulfil by the students for accepted admission. While NEET exam requirements are mandatory for Indian students, there are also some other requirements which they must satisfy. Confirm all the requirements for admission in detail before applying for a study MBBS abroad

Explore the Ideal Country to Study Abroad 

Apart from the university, students must also explore the country where they planning to study MBBS abroad. Details to be mindful of include the country's climate conditions, diversity of students, culture, lifestyle safety and other things. 

After MBBS Jobs and Career Opportunities 

Maximum of the students go for further studies such as postgraduate or specialisations before setting up a practice. Common MBBS job opportunities include being. 

  •   Begin employment with a hospital chain. 
  •   Start your own clinical chamber
  •   Pursuing clinical research and other higher education. 
  •   A career in hospital management. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is the qualification required for studying MBBS abroad?

Candidates, if you are planning to study MBBS abroad but don’t have any idea what are the requirements to study MBBS overseas. So wasting your time so much we share all requirements for pursuing MBBS in foreign countries. 

  •   First, students who complete their 17 years of age at the time of admission. 
  •   General category students required 50% marks in PCB. 
  •   Reserved category students required at least 40% aggregate marks in PCB in 12th standard. 
  •   Only important thing is that Indian aspirants should be qualified for the NEET examination. 

2. Why study MBBS abroad the best for you?

As we know, Indian medical universities have high competition, limited numbers of seats and expensive fee structures students can’t afford these things to grow their dream learning. This is the main reason many students want to study MBBS abroad. 

Foreign medical universities provide quality education at a budget-friendly cost. 

3. Which country is suitable to pursue MBBS abroad?

  •   Overseas, has so many countries that provide outstanding medical education at a pocket-friendly cost. There are many countries where is best to study clinical education. Check below. 
  •   MBBS in Russia
  •   MBBS in Georgia
  •   MBBS in Nepal 
  •   MBBS in Kazakhstan 
  •   MBBS in Kyrgyzstan
  •   MBBS in Bangladesh and so on. 

4. How much is the cost to study MBBS abroad?

The cost to study MBBS abroad depends from country to country. We share the average fee range to pursue medical education in foreign medical countries. If you already decided to complete your medical education abroad. Students bear fees between 15 lakhs to 30 lakhs for the whole medical course including other remaining charges. This is the average cost for Indian students. 

5. How many Indian students study MBBS abroad?

As of now, more than 10,00 Indian students are currently enrolled in foreign medical universities to study MBBS to chase their dream to be doctors. Every year, thousands of Indian students go to study MBBS abroad due to affordability, quality of education and world-class infrastructure. 

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