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Why Choose Kemerovo State Medical University in 2023?

Why Choose Kemerovo State Medical University in 2023?

Have any time this thought came to mind to relocate your medical destination abroad such as Russia where many deemed universities are marking their name not just within the country but worldwide one such university is Kemerovo state medical university.

As aspiring medical applicants from India, students are well aware of the situation they get into while processing the admission process in their own country, they have to undergo such a tedious process to get that one seat under their name. Time and money are at stake while allocating the best medical course in the best university for your career.

Kemerovo Medical University has been a popular name and facilitated its learning under 7 departments. It is an amalgamation of various courses-curriculum under the medical departments such as:

  •   General Medicine 
  •   Pediatric
  •   Dentistry
  •   Pharmacology
  •   Pharmacy 
  •   Postgraduate Courses 

It is a well-regulated body running under the NMC rules and adhering to each rule and regulation under their act of implementing for enhancing their name under the best of medical institutes of the world. 

Kemerovo State Medical University has been affiliated with the notable university named Kemerovo State University and was established in the year of 1955. 

And, students are not bound to fulfill any criteria of giving any language to prove their proficiency in the English language by attempting the test of IELTS or TOEFL. 

More Information about Kemerovo State Medical University 

If the candidates are seeking admission under such a banner name of Kemerovo they must be well aware with the facts about the features this university offers or the distinguished criteria it has to become a notable choice under the criteria of obtaining the degree of MBBS. 

The highlights of Kemerovo State Medical University in 2023

Higher Education Institution Budgetary by the Federal State

Situated In: Kemerovo City, Russia

Medium of Education: English 

Accreditation: “The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation”, WHO & NMC 

Year of Foundation: 1955

The mandate of NEET: YES

MBBS in Russia has been the vital choice amongst candidates who are inspired by the choice of medical courses or programs abroad. Because Russia is sharing a cordial relationship with India and the welcoming or warmth they have for the Indian candidates is commendable. 

It completely follows the rules and regulations of NMC and which makes it more credible in that manner. And, the following implementation can be seen under the table which has been implemented by the university without any fail. 

Rules and Regulations implemented by the Kemerovo State Medical University of NMC

NMC Guidelines 

Kemerovo State Medical University Feature

The course duration is 4.5+1 years of training or internship for the students.

The course duration in the Kemerovo State Medical University has been of 5+1 years (which also comprises a year of training or internship for the students). 

Course medium should strictly be in English medium only irrespective of the country the university is being situated in. 

Course Medium is in English only including the Books, Lectures, and exams. 

Equality of Course is highly maintained; it is the same for local or international students.

The course has been equally followed up with the same course material, curriculum, and teaching irrespective of whether the student belongs to Russia or outside the country.

The points of benefits it has been offering are distinguished and solely dedicated to empowering the learning route of medical students following the governing regulatory bodies such as NMC (National Medical Commission). Some of the features it offers to international as well as local candidates would be:-

  •   Infrastructure Equipped: The university has the provision of various infrastructural aspects for the students. They just don’t offer the best classroom features which is just the tip of the iceberg, it has been having the most spacious campus arena with every inch filling up the value to medical learning. 
  •   Superlative Laboratories: The learningopportunity which has been offered by the university is top-notch. It has the facility to provide the best of the practical learning in the arena which is specifically designed for this purpose to fill the gap in learning hugely. It assists the students in learning through a virtual medium as well they are taught surgeries through a virtual medium. They have dedicated laboratory services for each respective course.
  •   Additional Training Programmes: The candidates are made to learn the local language of the country under their course only which will later serve the purpose, which is the Russian language because when candidates are going to lead their practical training or internship they need to interact with the localities who will be comfortable in their language only. So, medical candidates are even made to learn the specific local terms also for better communication interaction under the training. 
  •   License for Practice: Kemerovo State Medical University has implemented that after the completion of the course in the country the candidate attains the validity to get their license within the country, to proceed with that validity the medical candidate needs to clear the examination which is conducted by the accreditation.
  •   Miscellaneous facilities: The university has a place where students have the availability of books in huge collections and has the facility of printing, and e-libraries which hugely support their financial costing.

Details about Kemerovo State Medical University Ranking

If the candidates are intrigued about the Kemerovo State Medical University rankingthen they can easily rely on various public domains which have the credibility and accuracy of the ranking details of the particular university in respect of updates of ranking details. And, one such public domain which has this information is 4icu.org where the candidates get easy access to this information. 

Country Ranking (Russia): 302nd 

Global Ranking: 7,841st

All About Kemerovo State Medical University Fees

When the candidates get aware of the plethora of benefits this university will amend in one’s life or will be able to give an edge to their life then students are apprehensive about the Kemerovo state medical university fees which may be assumed very high among most of the students. The range of fees that a candidate expects to incur for their complete course. And, the details of fees are as follows:

Kemerovo State Medical University Fee Structure 



Other Charges(RUB)


1st Year 





2nd-6th Year





Grand Total





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. Is Russia a difficult place to live? 

Ans.1. No, Russia has been among the popular destinations for students to have their educational journey, but Russia can have some weather conditions which can be managed and all facilities are even implemented by the candidates themselves. 

Q.2. Why is Russia among the popular choices for the candidates?

Ans.2. Russia is exchanging a cordial relationship with India and is under the consideration of students opting for the option of studying here, it has been amongst the most powerful countries with high-security facilities, and various other captivating features to attract the candidates for choosing this destination. 

Q.3. What are the features of accommodation at the University?

Ans.3. There are prevalent accommodation facilities in every university in Russia and most importantly Kemerovo State Medical University amends the provision of many types of reasonable accommodation for the students such as:

  •   Single Room
  •   Double Sharing Room
  •   Triple Sharing Room

And, candidates can opt according to their preference and accommodation is not even mandatory for the students after the completion of 1st year. They can easily look out for their personal space within the area. 

Q.4. What is the Key difference between Kemerovo State Medical University & Kemerovo State University? 

Ans.4.  Kemerovo State Medical University is affiliated with the Kemerovo State University and students often face confusion between these two universities, the key difference between the universities is that Kemerovo State Medical University has 7 departments that are solely for medical courses only, but Kemerovo State University has 20 departments which are just not constrained with the medical field only but to other higher educational courses as well.

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