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Highly Standardized Medical Education Hub in Kazakhstan


Nowadays everyone wants to be far superior to their competitors in their respective fields whether it is in education, trading, business, etc. In the education field there are so many highly ranked courses are there in the world, and one of the highly rated courses from them is MBBS. Talking about countries, Kazakhstan is a top-level country that provides high-quality education in the medical field. One of the Universities that gives high-quality education in Kazakhstan is South Kazakhstan Medical Academy.

Kazakhstan provides education at an affordable tuition fee or say lesser cost of money. MBBS course provides highly skilled candidates or doctorate degree holders to the world or over the globe. Doing MBBS in Kazakhstan is not only the perfect place for those who are born in Kazakhstan but also for those who want to do MBBS Abroad. There is right guidance also required for the aspirants so that they become one of the top-ranked doctorate degree holders over the globe. 

About South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

South Kazakhstan Medical Academywas founded or established in 1979. It is located in Shymkent, Kazakhstan. It’s one of the most prestigious universities in the nation. It is also popular for its tremendous medical education. The University offers a 6-year MBBS course which includes a 1-year internship in it. Doing an MBBS course from this highly-ranked University is not only the perfect place for those who are from Kazakhstan but also for those who want to do MBBS abroad.

The South Kazakh Medical Academy provides education at affordable tuition fees which helps those candidates who are financially weak. The University has highly-skilled faculty and staff department. The University is recognized or approved by WHO(World Health Organization) and NMC(National Medical Commission).

The University has a great infrastructure that provides top-quality education with a great faculty and management department. The South Kazakhstan Medical University is rated so much high if talking about in Kazakhstan Universities or MBBS universities ranking process. The Education provided at the University is not only in Kazakhstan's official language but also in the English language which helps foreign students to understand easily the MBBS course with no difficulty.

Annually so many aspirants or candidates apply here or give the entrance test for admission to take admission in the University. But only a few of them make their dream come true as seats or admission is done to the candidates through the cut-off or merit list. It is counted as one of the most highly-rated Universities in Kazakhstan for MBBS courses. The students who do MBBS in Kazakhstan from South Kazakhstan Medical University are not just only best for those candidates who are born in Kazakhstan but also for international or foreign aspirants as few foreigners are not satisfied with their country's education system.

South Kazakhstan University's ranking is 20th and in the world, it is 6604th. University has highly skilled and highly qualified faculty or say faculty and staff members which makes aspirants understand or give the right path to their career which is required to be successful in the medical field. 

In the University, education is provided in a very friendly manner which makes the students much more familiar with the University’s environment. This type of education provided to the candidates makes it very much comfortable not only for Kazakhstan-born or Kazakhstan-origin students but also for foreign students. The university provides extracurricular activities also required for students or aspirants which makes them feel relaxed from the extra burden of studies and gives support them by which they can focus on their studies in a great manner. 

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Why choose South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

     Providing highly skilled faculty and staff.
     University provides affordable tuition fees.
     Affordable tuition fees for education help those aspirants who are financially weak.
     Online classes are also provided to the candidates or aspirants.
     If somehow any aspirant miss the online class then he/she has the facility to see the classes recorded videos on the University website
     Hostel facilities are also provided to the aspirants.
     Hostels include fully furnished rooms, clean sanitation, mess, canteen, etc
     Providing extracurricular activities like sports, debates, stage shows, etc provided regularly to the aspirants.
     University has libraries, a museum, a sports, etc playground on the campus.
     Annually University provides scholarships to students or aspirants according to their academic performance.

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy Fee Structure

Annually in South Kazakhstan Medical Academy fees Structure for the course is4000 USD.

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy Ranking

In the world the University ranking is 6604th and in the country, it is 20th.

Student Life at Universities of Kazakhstan

As one of the leading medical schools in the country,South Kazakh Medical Academy is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and exceptional quality of education.

The university has a well-equipped library, which has a high collection of books, journals, and research papers related to the medical field. The library is open to all aspirants and faculty or staff members and is a great resource for those looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of the subject. 

The classrooms are equipped with audio-visual aids, which enhance the teaching and education experience. The university also has a range of other facilities to ensure a pleasant student life. The campus has a secured residence hall with all the necessary amenities, including laundry services, a same room, and a cooking area. 

The Academy or University also has a canteen that provides nutritious and pocket-friendly food to the candidates and staff members. the University has a well-equipped sports arena that includes a gym area, a swimming pool, and outdoor sports pleasants, including a cricket field, a basketball court, and a table tennis table. These type of extracurricular activities motivates students to be linked with physical activities, which helps them to make a healthy life.

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy Hostel Facilities

South Kazakhstan Medical University hostel facilities are of high standard. The university includes well-furnished rooms, and the best sanitization, providing high-quality mess and canteen. University provides different hostels to both boys and girls. The high-quality infrastructure of the University hostel is also of a high standard. For those students who are looking to live at a high-standard of hostel, this University is the perfect place.

Nowadays every individual wants to do a medical course from a highly-ranked University, and South Kazakh Medical University is the perfect place to visit. But due to the accommodation problem, they need to live in costly apartments. But the hostel facility of this University makes it easy especially for those whose accommodation is too far from the University because it is much cheaper or affordable than outside living. 

As we mentioned above there is a high-quality mess and canteen provided to the students. In that case, each type of dish is available for them whether he/she is veg or non-veg. So many chefs work in the canteen for preparing delicious food items for the candidates. Every week different types of dishes are provided to the students so that they enjoy the food service provided by the hostel department.

Admission Process in Kazakhstan Universities

     The registration process of the candidate
     Candidate Admission process
     Admission Letter provided to the candidate
     Verification of the candidate's documents 
     Invitation Letter of the candidate
     Formalities of Visa
     At last, Ticketing and Departure

Eligibility Criteria for Admission in Kazakhstan Universities


Aspirants compulsory to clear the NEET UG Exam.


     50% marks are required for general category candidates in the 12th standard.
     40% marks are required for reserved category candidates in the 12th standard.
     Students must have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as the main subjects.


When admission is taken age should be 17 by 31st December of that year.

Documents Required for Admission to Universities

     10th and 12th Board Exam Marksheet
     NEET Scorecard of the candidate.
     Original passport of the candidate.
     Candidate passport-size photographs
     Health and fitness certificate of the candidate
     Negative Covid-19 Report of the candidate
     HIV Report of the candidate


Que 1: What is the name of the largest and finest Universities in Kazakhstan?

Ans 1: South Kazakhstan Medical University is one of the largest and finest Universities in Kazakhstan.

Que 2: Write down the huge organizations by which South Kazakhstan Medical University is recognized or approved?

Ans 2: The huge organizations by which South Kazakhstan Medical University is recognized are WHO(World Health Organization) and NMC(National Medical Commission).

Que 3: What is the age required for admission to South Kazakhstan Universities?

Ans 3: The minimum age required is 17, students completing 17 till 31 December of the admission year are also eligible.

Que 4:Is South Kazakh Medical Academy provide MBBS courses in the English language also?

Ans 4: Yes, it is provided in the English language also which helps those students who are from outside Kazakhstan or say foreigners and makes them relax for them to understand their MBBS course and complete the whole MBBS course without any language understanding difficulty.

Que 5: In South Kazakhstan Medical University for graduates what career opportunities are available?

Ans 5: South Kazakhstan Medical University graduates can do or make careers in various fields of medicine, including clinic open, becoming researchers, health, and vaccines.

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