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Get all information about MBBS in Russia: For your bright medical future.


About the country “Russia”: The Country “Russia” is located in Asia, as well as in Europe. The is well known for its vibrant culture, and modern environment. The country is famous for its writers and artists. Russia is also well known for its cold weather, Vodka production, and Matryoshka Doll.

Some interesting facts about Russia

  •   The official name of the country “Russia” is the Russian Federation.
  •   Once, Vodka was used as a currency in this country.
  •   The Trans- Siberian Railway is situated in this country.
  •   There are several pieces of literature present in this country, such as Ivan Turgenev, and Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Vladimir Nabokov, etc.
  •   There are 61 active volcanoes present in Russia out of a total of 77 volcanoes.

About MBBS in Russia:

Russia is the best place to enroll in an MBBS program, for students. The country has the best facilities for its MBBS students.  5.8 years, is the course duration of this country and the country provides the top future opportunities, to their MBBS students. Medical aspirants who want to pursue their MBBS abroad can choose this country.

Though the MBBS in Georgia is taught in the English Language, the Language in Russia is also taught to students. Which helps students to get more information to connect with the environment. Russia has smart teaching methods, to study, and they used modern equipment, and techniques, for their studies. Which helps students to get updated with the trending information, methods, and opportunities, for their bright future?

The climate of Russia is different from the environment. The climate of Russia is moderate, which helps people to be comfortable, who live in Russia. The country” Russia has a very different climate.
About the temperature of Russia: During the summers, there are 25 degree Celsius, and during the winters, 20 degrees Celsius. The houses in Russia are fitted with a heating facility, which helps people to stay indoors.

About why you should choose “Russia” to study and MBBS.

The medical universities of Russia are one of the best medical universities in the world. The universities provide the best facilities and knowledge to their MBBS universities. And there are many top opportunities in the medical field in the country “Russia.” Not only theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge, also provided by the medical universities of Russia.

Every year more than 200,000 foreign students pursue their MBBS, in the country “Russia.” Though there are several reasons to choose, some best reasons are given below:

  •   The quality of the universities are best and also provides the best infrastructure.
  •   Studying MBBS in Russia, is quite affordable, and based on advanced teaching methods, and information.
  •   The degree, provided by the universities of Russia, is not only recognized by the Indian university but also recognized by the top universities.
  •   The courses are, also, recognized by MCI.
  •   The university also provides the best hostels or accommodation, with all facilities, in itself on the campus.
  •   There are more than 1000 students in India.
  •   The travel facilities are quite affordable and the best in the country “Russia”
  •   Russia provides the best teaching methods and best medical future opportunities to students.
  •   There is no ragging in the camps of the medical universities.

About the advantages of Studying MBBS in Russia.

  •   The students who want to study in the Country “Russia”, can choose, as there are several top medical universities, which offer MBBS degrees, without any MBBS degree.
  •   The admission procedure is quite simple for medical universities in Russia.
  •   The fees of the university are quite affordable, and the admission procedure is also simple.
  •   The country “Russia” 100% guarantee for VISA.
  •   The medium to study MBBS in Russia is English.
  •   The degrees, provided by the medical universities, are accepted not only in America but also all over the world.
  •   Russia offers many scholarships, which help students to pay fees for their MBBS studies.
  •   The universities of Russia have skilled professors and teachers, to solve all the queries of the students, and to guide the students for their bright future, in the medical field.
  •   The living standard in Russia” is European.
  •   Russia provides the best future opportunities, culture, and environment, which helps MBBS students to get the best future in Medical.

About the cost of the Study for MBBS in Russia.

The fees of MBBS courses in Russia are quite affordable, which helps students to fulfill their dreams. The affordable fees of MBBS courses in Russia attract students. Russia is one of the favorite countries, among medical aspirants. There are top medical opportunities and facilities, provided by the country “Russia” and its top medical universities. The fee structure of the MBBS courses is sponsored by the Government of Russia. Which makes the fee structure quite affordable, for all students?

Enrolling in the universities for the MBBS program is easy and affordable. Medical aspirants, who want to study MBBS abroad, can choose this country easily. The universities offer MBBS degrees, with the best modern faculties. The students don't need to pay any additional fees and no any type of additional charges also.

About the food and accommodation charges.

The food charges, in the universities, are also included in the hostel fees with comfortable 2-3 beds, provided by the university. For foreign students in Russian universities for the MBBS courses, the hostel and accommodation are also provided by the university. A common kitchen and washing facilities are provided by the universities. There are several Indian restaurants within walking distance. To experience different cultures and food, dishes from other countries are also provided. 

About the admission procedure for Russian MBBS Colleges.

The MBBS admission process in Russia is quite simple. For Indian students, who want to study in Russia, there is good information that they need not crack any entrance exams. But to verify a student's profile, students need to give assignments. The admissions are based on the student's marks and which helps students to get into the top universities.

There are three steps to get admission for the MBBS in Russian universities.

First Step: In first, students need to fill out the online form of the official websites. And then students need to pay an introductory fee. While continuing the process, students need to pay. While continuing this process, students need to send all the required documents. As 10th and 12th marks are sheet certificates.
Second Step: In the second, the students are informed about the undergraduate courses. In this step, students need to deposit all the remaining fees.
Third step: Within 4 to 15 days, the confirmation letter is provided to the students by the university. A greeting letter is given by the university to the students. The affirmation letter is also given to the university.

About the required documents for MBBS in Russia.

  •   Admission form.
  •   Class 12 th pass certificates.
  •   Class 12 th Scanned copy.
  •   Neet exam results and Admit Card is compulsory.
  •   6 passports size copies.
  •   Passport
  •   ID Proof (PAN card, Driving License, Adhar card, etc.)

About MBBS in Russia Eligibility.

  •   The student must be more than 31st December.
  •   The students need to have minimum scores in class 12th in Science Stream, with subjects like (Chemistry, Physics, and Biology), in CBSE/ ISC or other boards of examination.
  •   Students must clear the NEET exams.
Note: Some universities offer MBBS programmes, without any entrance exam.

About Scholarships Offered for MBBS in Russia

Though the MBBS course duration is quite affordable, there are many scholarships that are also provided by the universities in Russia. Scholarships help students to decrease their financial burden.
Scholarships are also given by the universities. The detailed information is given below:

1. The Government of Russian Federation Scholarships. It is a state-level scholarship for students, provided by the Russian Government. The students. These scholarships include their tuition fees, and their accommodation, with a maintenance allowance. The Government of Russian Federation Scholarships helps to decrease financial burden.

2. Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarships. This scholarship is for students who choose Russian, as Foreign Language. This scholarship helps foreign students who want to pursue their MBBS course, in the country Russia. Students with Good marks can take benefits from these scholarships. This scholarship helps students to cover their Studying Costs.  

3. SRAS (The School of Russian and Asian Studies) This scholarship is especially for candidates for the United States. There are several top universities, which help students while providing scholarships.  

Best Medical universities for MBBS courses, in Russia.

Establishment Year 

Medical University 


Siberian State Medical University 


Crimea Federal University


Kabardino Medical University 


Chuvash State Medical University


Ingush State Medical University 


Russia has several top universities to pursue MBBS. Scholarships are also provided by the Government of Russia, which helps students to fulfill their dream to study MBBS abroad. Medical aspirants who want to enroll in the best medical universities can choose the country Russia.

Frequently asked questions

Q1:  What is the duration of the MBA course in Russia?
Ans: The duration of the medical course in Russia is 5.8 years with an internship.

Q2:  Is the MBBS degree, provided by the universities of Russia, is valid in INDIA?
Ans: The students should check the university, is approved by NMC, and after finishing the FMGC Tests, The students can practice in India.

Q3: Is the admission process of admission for MBBS in Russia easy?
Ans: Yes, the admission process for the MBBS program in Russia is easy. International students can get direct admission to the top medical universities in Russia. All they need to follow the proper procedure and clear all the eligibility criteria. 

Q4: How much do the students need to score to get admission to MBBS courses in Russia?
Ans: 50 % in subjects (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics).

Q5: Is the MBBS course offered by the universities of Russia is same as the course provided by the universities of India?
Ans: The MBBS course is the same but the facilities provided by the universities and the teaching methods are different. Russian universities focus on theoretical education, and the best practical knowledge also.


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