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Georgia for MBBS: Eligibility, Admission Process


Georgia is a well-renowned European country which develops itself as a democratic representative and has a high Human Development Index, less corruption, poverty and employment rate. Many international students preferred to go for MBBS in Georgiaor to study abroad for the above reasons.

Georgia is a popular destination for Indian students to Study Abroad. There are so many medical colleges that provide the best platform to the student for pursuing a medical degree from Georgian universities, for such a reason MBBS in Georgia is one of the best choices for medical students who are from all over the world. 

After completing the medical degree all the students can also do an internship in the medical field. MBBS universities in Georgia are always welcoming those students who want to learn something new in the field of medical science and also have strong will power to achieve their goals in the Medical realm. 

There are a huge number of Georgia top medical colleges for the students that offer all types of extra-ordinary activities, support and services to their students so they can assure the best academic learning experience in their student life. 

It is the most essential thing for the students to find Georgia Best MBBS University that matches with the academic aim, values and interests and also comes at a pocket-friendly price. Georgia has more than 50+ best medical universities that have a main theme to provide curriculum skills, well-experienced medical faculties or staff, medical clinics training and good distinctive living areas nearby the college for students.

These days Georgia is constantly becoming the best place in the European countries for those students that have a dream to study MBBS abroadand take an educational degree from a foreign country which is recognized by the global organizations.

Akaki Tsereteli University, David Tvildiani Medical University, East European University, Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, and Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University are the top medical universities for international students who have to do MBBS abroad. These MBBS colleges provide a strong infrastructure, extra-ordinary activities, medical support and services to their students . In these top colleges, international students can get admission at a very cheaper fee structure and take all kinds of benefits from the universities. 

Georgia Country Medical Colleges

In the way of finding a new college one should have careful consideration on several aspects before choosing the best university.. The student must keep some points in their mind for finding the best college tostudy medicine in Georgia. These aspects are the reputation of the university, student life, consulting, expertise of the faculties, qualities of the curriculum study, proper medical equipment such as laboratory, infrastructure and research or training facilities that should be available in the college. 

Batumi international university, Tbilisi State University, East European University, Alte State Medical University, Georgian Medical University, Georgian American University and ILIA State University are one of the best colleges for MBBS in Georgia that provide all the basic structure, facilities, and environment and the high-quality education to the student for pursuing the MBBS abroad in Georgia.

A large number of students come and are still learning in these well-reputed colleges and also these universities have fulfilled their dreams of becoming doctors and their medical students are also serving humankind all over the world. These MBBS universities in Georgia are well-recognized by the world's top authorities such as the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

These MBBS universities do not require any kind of entrance exam for all medical students including the scorecard of IELTS and TOEFL language proficiency exams. Medical aspirants can easily get admission to these universities to study medicine in Georgia. The students must have the 10 + 2 certificate with the 50% marks and the other documents that are necessary to submit to the authorities at the time of admission. 

MBBS in Georgia has offered a 6 year of medical curriculum program with one year of internship. During their medical internship the students found some facilities like the proper medical elements, dentistry, nursing, laboratories, and simulation centers with well-qualified medical faculty, staff, researchers and professors that give the high profile practical training to students.

Georgia MBBS Degree Valid in Which Countries

The Medical universities in Georgia have more focused on the practical skill of the students as compared to theoretical knowledge. Qualified doctors from Georgia universities have many options to make their career all around the world. 

The Medical universities of Georgia have been recognized by the World Health Organization and follow all the guidelines of the organization. Therefore the student can work across the globe.

After completing the medical degree from Georgia, the main thing that comes to our mind is job opportunities. Hence, it opens many options for medical aspirants all over the world. Qualified doctors can apply in any country (where they want to do) after completing their MBBS degree from Georgia. 

But it is noted that for doing work or practicing medicine in another country, the student needs a medical license from that specific country or the territories where they want to practice. To get the medical license of another country the medical graduate students have to pass some of the basic exams that have been recommended from the country.

There are so many countries such as Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands Denmark, Finland, Estonia, France, Greece, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Slovenia, and Switzerland where all the MBBS in Georgia students can practice medicine. 

Indian students who have completed their medical degree from Georgia can also practice in India. All the Medical degrees which are followed by Georgian universities have been recognized by the National Medical Commission (NMC) regulations and World Health Organization (WHO). 

For practicing in India, the students first get a license. To get the license students must have to qualify for the test Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE)/NEXT exam. This exam is conducted in the months of June and December twice a year.

The students get the high paid job after completing MBBS. The MBBS students have been offered a minimum salary of 230,296 USD*/year by the medical authorities. The salary criteria might be different in all the countries.

How to apply for the MBBS in Georgia:-

For Indian students, the eligibility criteria are so simple and easy. If any Indian student wants to apply to Georgia university and take the opportunity to fly high here, we're sharing the process of applying for the MBBS in Georgia.

     The student's age should be above 17 to enter in the medical university to study medicine in Georgia.
     Indian students need to appear in the NEET exam to get admission into a medical university.
     The applicant must have the 10 + 2 certificate with the Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and English are the main subjects required in 12th. 

If you have fulfilled the above guidelines you can easily get admission to the Georgia top medical colleges. The MBBS in Georgia universities does not take any type of entrance exam for getting admission to the university. 

MBBS in Georgia Consultancy

In the last decade, many students have been arriving in Georgia for higher education. So many Indian students went to foreign countries for better opportunities and facilities and they have also taken the advantage to study MBBS abroad. 

There are so many students who have immigrated to Georgia and enrolled in the MBBS medical programs. Georgia provides the medical course at the cheapest fee. Georgia keeps in mind the comfort of all the students who come from a different community from all over the world, which is one of the reasons to get admission in Georgia best MBBS University.

Georgia provides many supports and services to the students. Georgia is always ready for the students to help them to provide all the information related to the student visa, eligibility criteria, admission process in the medical university, scholarships, air ticketing and convenience confirmation and other documentation which is required to get admission to Georgia top medical colleges.

All the terms and conditions or support and services of MBBS in Georgia consultancy is so helpful and reliable for the students. The consultancy for MBBS in Georgia has helped students who come from all over the world to understand the admission process, find the best medical courses in universities, a way to select the best college in the country and also help the students in filling forms when they are getting admission to medical colleges in Georgia. 

The authorities also ensure and notify the students that all the necessary documents must be submitted on time and check the eligibility criteria of the students. Georgia consultancy also helped the students to get the scholarship, provide student visas and assist them in booking their flight traveling. 

Georgia has an experienced and well-performed consultant embassy. They are always ready 24*7 to support the students in any query related to travel from their own country to another and many more. Their consultancy charges are very low and their services are very effective.MBBS in Georgia consultancy is always available for students to fix all kinds of solutions in the right way. 


     Is the medical degree from Georgia valid? 

Yes, medical students who have graduated from Georgian University can apply to any palace across the world for their medical practices.. They have to first take the medical license from the territories where they want to apply.

     Which entrance exam do we have to clear to take admission to MBBS in Georgia colleges? 

To get admission to Georgie MBBS College, the universities do not conduct any exams. The student can be admitted to the college after fulfilling the eligibility criteria. 

     Which is the most famous university for MBBS in Georgia? 

Batumi Shota Rustavali University, Alte State University, East European University, Georgian American University, New Vision University, and Batumi International University all are the best medical universities in Georgia to study MBBS. 

     In which language MBBS courses are available in Georgia? 

All the MBBS programs and courses are also available in English as well as the local language.

     How can a medical student get an internship in Georgia after completing an MBBS degree?

MBBS in Georgia universities also provide 1 year of internship for the student but the aspirants must understand the local language/English of Georgie i.e. Georgian.

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