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Exploring the Top Features to Join MBBS in Kazakhstan


MBBS in Kazakhstan has become an increasingly popular destination for those who wish to study MBBS abroad and find a budget-friendly spot for studies. Kazakhstan universities offer high-quality medical care without any compromise. The nation has various universities that have been recognized by numerous organizations such as WHO, NMC, FAIMER and WFME. 

Medical Council of India has provided the 12 MCI-approved medical universities in Kazakhstan. MCI-approved medical universities provide entire MBBS courses in the English medium. Every year more than 10,000 students go to Kazakhstan to complete their medical dream. 

About Kazakhstan

Officially known as the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan is a landlocked nation that touch various nation boundaries. It is mostly located in Central Asia and a small portion of Eastern Europe. It capital of Astana. Kazakhstan is the world’s 9th largest country in the world and world largest landlocked country also. 

Quick Facts of MBBS in Kazakhstan 

Course Name 


Duration of MBBS 

5+1 year 


WHO, NMC, FAIMER and so on. 

Exam required 

NEET Exam 


Not required

Top Universities of Kazakhstan 

West Kazakhstan State Medical University, Kazakh National Medical University, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

Why is Kazakhstan the Best Place to Study MBBS?

Kazakhstan is an excellent destination to study MBBS worldwide students. There are various reasons to choose Kazakhstan universities to come to your dream of being a doctor. Below we mentioned some top reasons why students considered studying MBSB in Kazakhstan.

  •   The first reason is that Kazakhstan MBBS fees are really very affordable for Indian students. 
  •    The ideal student-teacher ratio in Kazakhstan universities is so that students get one-to-one interaction with faculty.
  •   The medical curriculum in Kazakhstan universities is designed as per the international standard. 
  •   The medical college of Kazakhstan has been listed in the World Directory. 
  •   All medical universities in Kazakhstan have modern technology so that students can learn in a different way. 
  •   Universities of Kazakhstan have a number of experienced faculties that is professional in your fields. 

MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students

According to a survey carried out by the Kazakh government, India is among the top 50 nations that send the most students to Kazakhstan for study purposes. For Indian students already enrolled in an MBBS course in Kazakhstan, their government authorities give enough security and safety.

Kazakhstan is well-knownfor providing top-notch MBBS teaching at absolutely fair cost, that is confirming students get the more out of their investment. In Kazakhstan, the admissions process is likewise extremely straightforward for MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students

Top Medical Universities in Kazakhstan to Study MBBS

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Its university is also called KazGU or KazNU. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is the oldest university in Republic which is established in 1934. There are more than 2,500 faculty members working at KazNU including 400 doctors of science and professors. 


  •   Establishment Year - 1934
  •   Recognized by - WHO and NMC
  •   Country Rank - 1st 
  •   Medium of Instruction - English 

Kazakh National Medical University

This university is situated in Almaty, Kazakhstan. KNMU was situated in the year of 1930. The institution includes more than 11,000 students (domestic and foreign) and more than 1500 teachers, all of them are experts in their respective fields. 

There are 20 State Prize winners from the Republic of Kazakhstan who get education from this university. In many specialities, this university has trained more than 80,000 doctors. The university's security for most renowned job around the world. 


  •   Establishment Year - 1931
  •   Recognized by - WHO and NMC
  •   Country Rank - 19th
  •   Medium of Instruction - English 

Astana State Medical University

Kazakhstan's capital, Nur-Sultan, formerly known as Astana, is where the Astana Medical University is situated. The university was established in 1997 and is considered as one of the premier medical university. The university boasts a unique and modern learning culture that has been approved by World Health Organization, National Medical Commission, and the Ministry of Higher Educaion of Kazakhstan. 


  •   Establishment Year - 1997
  •   Recognized by - WHO and NMC
  •   Country Rank - 32nd 
  •   Medium of Instruction - English 

West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov Medical University

This university is a milestone in the development of clinical education. West Kazakhstan State Medical University was laid out in 1957. Currently, the university produced more than 25,000 doctors. Recognized with WHO, NMC and FIMER etc. 


  •   Establishment Year - 1957
  •   Recognized by - WHO and NMC
  •   Country Rank - 10th
  •   Medium of Instruction - English 

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

The SKMA is the most prestigious university in the nation that was established in 1979. It was accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The university has a modern infrastructure for education and research. South Kazakhstan Medical Academy is a brilliant school, which aims to provide high-quality medical and pharmaceutical. 


  •   Establishment Year - 1979
  •   Recognized by - WHO and NMC
  •   Country Rank - 20th
  •   Medium of Instruction - English

Some Requirements to get admission to Kazakhstan Universities

Every university set has its own criteria to join a university. Here we share some common requirements that need to be satisfied to study MBBS in Kazakhstan

Eligibility Criteria

  •   Students must clear the NEET exam, this is a fundamental necessary exam for Indian students.
  •   General category students required 50% marks in PCB
  •   SC/ST/OBC students must obtain 40% marks in PCB in the 12th standard.
  •   Physics, Chemistry and Biology are the main subjects in 10+2.
  •   English is the main subject in 12th standard and one thing is that your secondary education is completed by a recognized educational board.

Age Requirements

The minimum age is 17 years old. Candidates must be complete 17 years of age by 31st December of the admission year. 

Documentation Required

  •   10th or 12th mark sheet 
  •   Original Passport copy
  •   Passport size photographs
  •   Medical report
  •   Bank Statements 
  •   Birth Certificate 
  •   Covid-19 report (Negative)
  •   Offer letter provided by the university 

MBBS Fees in Kazakhstan for Indian Students

It is a dream of many students due to affordability of course. Before getting admission every student wants to know the fee structure. So what are you waiting for let’s check Kazakhstan MBBS fees for Indian students

Universities Name

Tuition Fees per year (USD)

Total Fees for 6 years (USD)

Kazakh Nationa Medical University



International Medical University



Astana State Medical University 



Al-Frabari Kazakh National University



West Kazakhstan State Medical University



South Kazakhstan Medical Academy 



Benefits of Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students

MBBS course in Kazakhstan is earning a high reputation among Indian candidates. Various reasons to choose Kazakhstan as an ideal destination for studying MBBS. 

  •   Feasible Fees

One of the main reasons to choose Kazakhstan to study MBBS. Every year thousands of students get admission to affordable fee structures. Kazakhstan is considered one of the cheapest countries in the world to study MBBS programs. 

  •   Global Affiliated and Recognized Degree 

All Kazakhstan universities are recognised and affiliated by WHO, NMC, FAIMERa and the Medical Council of various countries such as India, the USA, the UK, and Australia. 

  •   English Medium 

 Numerous medical universities in Kazakhstan supply medical courses in the English language. Therefore, students don’t need to worry about learning some additional languages to pursue MBBS. 

  •   Experts Faculties 

Kazakhstan universities have countless expert faculties that give excellent knowledge about the course. Which helps to sharpen their skills and abilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  •   Why Kazakhstan is the most loved destination to study MBBS?
  •   There are many reasons that make Kazakhstan different from others. Kazakhstan is the cheapest destination for Indian students. The cost of living is also very affordable. Every year many Indian students go to study MBBS in Kazakhstan. There you get a modern teaching system so you learn things in an interesting manner. 
  •   What are the best medical universities in Kazakhstan?
  •   Kazakhstan has so many universities that are excellent for Indian students in terms of standards environment, quality of education and affordability. Below we share the list of the best medical universities in Kazakhstan. 
  •   Astana State Medical University
  •   West Kazakhstan State Medical University
  •   International Medical School 
  •   Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
  •   Kazakh National Medical University
  •   How many students from India studying MBBS in Kazakhstan universities?
  •   More than 10,000 students are enrolled in Kazakhstan universities. You can easily adjust with them. This number of data encourage others to get admission in Kazakhstan universities.

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