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Exploring the Opportunities at Omsk State Medical University


About the University

Omsk State Medical University was established as the medical faculty in 1920. In the year 1921, the faculty was transformed into the West Siberian State Medical Institute. However, in 1925, the institute was known as the Omsk State Medical Institute. In 1994, it was properly named the Omsk State Medical Academy.

The Omsk State University is situated in Omsk, Russia. It has various kinds of accommodation facilities for international students. The university has 5,500 students in different medical specializations. Omsk University has 59 medical departments. In 2015, the academy was assigned the status of University. 

The Omsk State Medical University is recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization), NMC (National Medical Commission), the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, and other international health bodies. Omsk University is a suitable choice for MBBS abroad.

Highlights of the University of Omsk

    Omsk University is one of the oldest universities in Russia.
    The university is situated in Omsk, Russia.
    First of all, the university was laid out in 1920.
    The university was 4 times renamed.
    At present, the university’s official name is “Omsk State Medical University.”.
    Currently, the university has more than 5,500 students.
    In 2015, the academy was assigned the status of University.
    The University of Omsk is recognized by WHO, NMC, and other international health bodies.

Why Select the Omsk State University

The Omsk Medical University offers quality medical education. There are a lot of medical facilities for its students. The university has various reasons for selecting this university. Here we explain some reasons for students:

    The University of Omsk follows the modern education system. There is a very peaceful atmosphere for education and practical research.
    In the university, there are various medical specializations for students, such as general medicine, pediatrics, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and a few others.
    Omsk University offers direct admission facilities without an entrance exam to Indian students, in particular. But students should be NEET-qualified.
    Your medical degree and qualification are authorized worldwide. Because the Omsk State Medical University Russia provides world-approved degrees. 
    The university’s MBBSfees are easily affordable for any student. The university offers budget-friendly medical education to international students.
    The University of Omsk also has various enjoyable activities apart from studying. Overseas students can avail of the enjoyable facilities on the university campus.

Ranking of the Omsk State University

Omsk University is a great place for medical students. Every year, the university welcomes thousands of students for medical education. The ranking of the university depends on the quality of education, modern technologies, infrastructure, and other things. If we discuss the ranking of the university, the OMSK State Medical University ranking is among the top medical universities in the country. 

    OSM University is ranked in the 210th position in the country.
    The University of Omsk is also ranked in the 6109th position worldwide.

MBBS Fees at Omsk State University

The fees are the major factor for students when they want to study MBBS abroad. First of all, they check the fee budget. So, students don’t need to worry about it. The Omsk State Medical University fees are suitable for students. Below, we describe a fee structure for the MBBS program at Omsk University. Students can check it before enrollment.

MBBS Fees at Omsk State Medical University


Tuition Fees

Hostel Fees 

Total Fees/Year

1st Year

1,70,000 RUB

40,000 RUB

2,10,000 RUB

2nd Year

1,70,000 RUB

40,000 RUB

2,10,000 RUB

3rd Year

1,70,000 RUB

40,000 RUB

2,10,000 RUB

4th Year

1,70,000 RUB

40,000 RUB

2,10,000 RUB

5th Year

1,70,000 RUB

40,000 RUB

2,10,000 RUB

6th Year

1,70,000 RUB

40,000 RUB

2,10,000 RUB

Total Fees



12,60,000 RUB

(Total Course Fees)

MBBS Specializations at Omsk State University

The University of Omsk offers various medical specializations to medical students. At the university, students can pick any type of medical specialization as per their choice. A Few medical specializations are listed below.

    General Medicine
    Preventive Medicine

Eligibility Criteria in Omsk University

If you want to gain admission to Omsk State Medical University. Then, first of all, you will be eligible as per the university's entry criteria. The university has basic eligibility criteria for Indian students who want to gain admission to the university. So, here we explain some essential points as eligibility criteria. Students can check it before filling out the enrollment form.

    Students should pass with 50% or above marks in 12th standard.
    Students must have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology subjects in 10+2 standard.
    Those students who want to apply to Omsk University in medical education should be NEET-qualified.
    The age of students should be 17 or older until the end of the year.

Admission Process

We want to ensure that for all the students who want to gain admission to Omsk State University for medical education, the admission process is very easy. It is easy to understand for Indian applicants. Here we describe some steps for enrollment. However, if any student faces any issue related to admission, they should contact our educational specialists and get a solution.

The admission steps are:

    Filling out the admission form
    Admission letter
    Letter of Invitation
    Ticketing & Departure

Required Documents

Here we listed some important documents that are mandatory to be submitted by the candidate at the time of admission. 

    10th Mark Sheet
    12th Mark Sheet
    Medical report
    Birth certificate
    NEET Score-card
    Passport (Original)
    Passport size photo
    COVID-19 report (Negative)

Career Opportunities after MBBS from Omsk University

After completing the MBBS at Omsk State Medical University, students have the following job options:

    Students, after completing their MBBS degree from Omsk University, can apply for any post-graduation degree at any worldwide university.
    Indian students have the opportunity to start their medical careers as authorized doctors when they come to their home country.
    Those students who will come to India after completing MBBS abroad are required to pass the FMGE/NEXT exam to begin their medical career in India.
    Those students who want to start self-business can start their own medical firms or clinics. 
    Candidates in Russia work with any reputable medical organization after completing their MBBS.

Accommodation and Hostel Facilities at the University

The University of Omsk offers the best accommodation and hostel facilities on its campuses. International students can avail of the below-mentioned facilities at the university campus.

    Furnished rooms 
    AC or non-AC rooms 
    WI-FI connections
    Sports clubs
    Laundry facilities
    A Kitchen for making food themselves
    Hostel Security

Student’s Life at Omsk University

Omsk State Medical University provides world-class accommodations to overseas students. On the university campus, students can avail themselves of multiple kinds of hostel facilities. Sometimes the university organizes enjoyable and creative activities for students. Because they do not feel uncomfortable on the university campus. The hostel facilities of Omsk University are mentioned below:

Campus Food:- The university offers fresh and healthy meals to students with delicious tastes. Those students who do not prefer hostel food can cook their food themselves; the university also offers a small kitchen for students.

Hostel Room:- The hostel rooms of the university are neat, clean, and fully furnished. In the Omsk University hostel, rooms are separately divided for girls and boys.

Learning Atmosphere:- The university creates a very peaceful atmosphere for students. Because the students can learn and do practical experiments carefully. 

Student safety:- The Omsk Medical University and its hostel are always under the observation of the security guards. The campus is ragging-free for students. It is a safe place for those students who want to study MBBS abroad. 

Other Facilities for Students:- Omsk University has a great academic structure that includes classes, a library, a sports area, labs, and other areas. On the university campus, there is also a big hall for cultural programs and other events.

Contact Affinity

Those students who are searching for the best university to complete their medical education in Russia can select Omsk State Medical University as a suitable and prestigious selection. To get admission into the medical university, contact us. Affinity Educationis one of the most famous education consultancies in India. 

Our educational specialists and guides have provided relevant suggestions since 2008 to those students who join us. So what are you waiting for? Just contact us and gain admission to Omsk State Medical University proudly.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the NEET exam important for MBBS?

Yes, it is compulsory for MBBS. The NEET exam is considered an entrance exam for medical education; without the NEET exam, you cannot get admission to any medical university. 

    Why is Omsk University good for MBBS in Russia?

The University of Omsk is a leading medical university for international students. It has a good infrastructure, modern technologies, well-qualified teachers, and other great facilities for students. Based on these facilities, the university is a good place for MBBS in Russia.

    How can I get admission to the University of Omsk?

Students don’t need to worry about admission. The admissions process is very simple and easy to understand. Those students who face difficulties can contact our educational specialists and get a resolution instantly.

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