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Excelling the choice of MBBS at BAU International University

Excelling the choice of MBBS at BAU International University

Being a medical professional is among the desirable choices of so many aspirants and their families, and what if they are getting it to fulfill their dream course in a foreign location? BAU Batumi International University can be among the prevalent choices for candidates who are approaching this idea.

Let us understand the conceptual idea of pursuing the MBBS Abroad ( Georgia) in greater detail. 

Because often medical applicants have ambiguity towards the idea of MBBS Abroad, but what if they get to know that the course in a foreign location can be packed with plentiful benefits? Some, of the lesser-known reasons, would be: 

  •   Economical Budget
  •   Qualitative/Meritorious Education
  •    International Exposure
  •   No Donation Fees

But when students often hear the idea of acquiring their MBBS from Georgia, they consider this option more expensive than most foreign countries or even deemed Indian medical institutes. But, it is a myth that needs to burst because of not having complete and reliable information, misinformation often spreads. Here, is the vital pact to cover each of the parts which are filled with doubt to make the student ready for their superlative journey from medical aspirant to a doctor.

About Georgia

Georgia is a country landlocked with various countries like Eastern Europe and Western Asia. it’s one of the warmest places on the European continent. Georgia is a country situated at the junctions of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It has a share of the Caucasus region, in which it is enclosed to the west by the black sea, to the north & east by Russia, to the South by Turkey & Armenia, & to the South East by Azerbaijan respectively. Agricultural activities are the fundamental activity. The center of the state’s peanut, cotton, and vegetable industry is here. And, some of the areas have a significant direction toward the shipping & recreation associated with the Georgia coast.


Capital: Tbilisi

Currency: Georgian Lari

Weather Condition: Mostly warm summers and often occurrence of rains. 

Religion: Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Armenian Apostolic & Roman Catholic

About BAU International University, Batumi

The bau international university Batumi 

Enver Yucel was born in Giresum and embarked on his education as a boarding student at Haydarpasa high court High School. Further, he acquired his educational degree from the Department of Mathematics. 

Istanbul Ataturk Education Institute which is currently known as Marmara University, Faculty of Education nowadays. 

Afterward, in 1974, he committed his lifelong journey to education and facilitating or guidance in educational services to students in many countries of the world.

Bau Batumi is under a big group of universities which is known as BAU Global and usually when students get to enroll in any of the universities of Georgia. They are often attaining their MBBS degree from a localized university. But, in the case of BAU International University, it is under the and, it has branches of the university in different sectors.

Why BAU International University?

So, many medical applicants devise a plan to study abroad and Georgia is a distinctive choice for medical science. There are so many amazing facts that make it stand as an attractive prospect all over the world for medical students. It affiliates the best medical training program under the guiding light of senior doctors and professors. 

The prevalent reasons would be:- 

  •   Richest Library: it has one of the richest libraries in the universities of the world which is prevalently well-equipped, with a unanimous number of books. The academy has 144,546 e-books, 113 databases, and 56,000 journal books in the library. The library includes an electronic catalog as well to support today’s time knowledge. 
  •   Multicultural Environment: students are getting the accommodation of different cultures under one roof. Students come from well-versed backgrounds and countries and encompass a different perspective or rather unique than any other student. It ceases the boundaries.
  •   Fees Structure: if noting the fee structure then the university has affiliated meritorious learning routes for their students on an affordable budget. Numerous aspirants are preparing to study MBBS at BAU International University. They ought to pay USD 4,500 per year.
  •   MBBS Program:  The MBBS program is more prevalent at this university. The medical program takes 6 years to finish. Apart from that, the basic medical course is in English Medium. Those pupils who study at BAU International University will get command in learning for FMGE, and USMLE without paying fees. 
  •   Recognition: The University of BAU Batumi has been facilitated by the hands accorded and governed by various governing bodies such as WHO (World Health Organization), MCI (Medical Council of India), (Foundation for Advancement of International Education and Research) FAMIER, etc.
  •   Course Language:  BAU International University furnishes a full-fledged curriculum in English. This leads to the provision of making an easy-to-learn for Indian students. Every medical student can easily learn medical courses without encountering any difficulties.

Fee-Structure of BAU International University, Batumi

If students talk distinctively about the Batumi International University the fee structure is quite inexpensive and student-friendly compared to so many medical institutes in Georgia and even India. It stands as quite an affordable option.

Fees Structure 2023


Tuition Fees (USD)

Hostel Fees (USD)

Other Charges (USD)

Total Fees (USD)

1st Year





2nd to 6th Year





Grand Total





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. What is the Global Ranking of BAU International University? 

Ans.1. BAU international university Batumi Ranking has a splendid ranking and it greatly reflects the credibility of the university. The following rankings of the university are:

Country Ranking: 33rd

World Ranking: 10,722nd

Q.2. What are the tuition fees for BAU International University?

Ans.2. The tuition fees of BAU International University are affordable and that is 4,500 USD. and, it becomes one of the most feasible options in comparison to most of the medical universities of India.

Q.3. Why is BAU considered a supreme institution to study MBBS?

Ans.4. BAU International University has its own set of benefits for the applicants who get themselves enrolled there. It has the richest library, modernized and equipped technology, and a plethora of benefits to serve the candidates. That makes it a superior choice for the candidates to make it an option in medical studies. 

Q.4. What are the main languages spoken in Georgia?

Ans.4. There are two main languages that are spoken Georgian and Abkhazian. But, the curriculum affiliated is purely in English medium. The whole teaching and learning process is entirely conducted in English medium.

Q.5. Are there good accommodation facilities provided by the university?

Ans.5. The BAU Batumi International University has the facility of great accommodations and the capacity to have a huge no to hold. And, students from foreign are given or provided first-hand facilities.

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