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An Educational overview and Benefits of Study in Canada

Canada’s Education System based on blending learning of theoretical aspect and practical approaches in any field of study. The world-class infrastructure, research facilities, updated technology, and government funding of education make the study in Canada, one of the most popular destinations to be chosen by Indian students.

Approximately 1 to 1.5 lakh of Indian students apply for a student visa to Canada every year. Studying in Canadafor Indian students is a well-known destination providing high-quality education at a budget-friendly cost with a recognized degree worldwide and strengthening the personal and professional skills of every national and international student.

The multicultural environment, secure career opportunities, and the presence of the Indian diaspora & culture are the major reasons for Indian students choosing UG and PG courses to study in Canada.

Around 90,000 to 1,00,000 Indian students have chosen to study in Canada from India in 2023. The most popular courses chosen by Indian students to study in Canada are from the following disciplines:

  •   Business and Finance
  •   Engineering
  •   Dentristry
  •   Management
  •   Pharmacy
  •   Journalism

Why to choose Study in Canada?

The globally recognized education system on affordable tuition fees, multicultural environment, and presence of Indians and Indian food are some of the major reasons to pick study in Canada. Here, I am elaborating on the major reasons to choose to study in Canada:

  •   Globally Recognized Education System- Educational system of Canada is of high quality with internationally recognized and well-renowned courses. The education system of Canada is a blend of theory and practice approach with case studies, which makes the learning experience more interesting and approachable to students.
  •   Affordable tuition fees- The courses of cost of study in Canada is available with affordable tuition fees. The average cost of study in Canada is approximately 35-40 lakhs for a UG course. There are various scholarships to study in Canada for Indian students available, which makes the tuition fee to study in Canada more affordable and favorable for Indian students.
  •   Scholarships to International meritorious students- Maximum Canadian universities are public and are mainly funded by the government, which is a beneficial point for Indian students, who wish to study abroad and mark their career on heights. Various scholarships provided by the Canadian government to meritorious students are as follows:
  •   Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Scholarship
  •   IDRC Research Awards Scholarship
  •   Blending learning with the latest research facilities- The Education System of Canada is based on blending learning of theoretical aspects and practical approaches with world-class infrastructure and campus amenities. The blended learning and training to facilitate research on every aspect of medicine and computer science is prominent features of study in Canada program.
  •   Highly experienced international faculty- The research-based, comprehensive syllabus of UG and PG courses of study in Canada program is taught by highly experienced professors with practical approaches to the subject in the English language.
  •   Secure career opportunities- After completion of the UG courses, international students get secure career opportunities to work either in Canada or in other destinations with high packages or can start their own venture. 

Indian students get an open work permit for the most valued Canadian work experience through Post Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP).

  •   Easy availability of student visas to study in Canada- After the Indian student gets their letter of acceptance or letter of recommendation from their applied university, they can get their student visa easily and more conveniently. Indian students need to apply online with original documents, valid travel documents like a passport, and proof of financial assets. Students should not have any immigration or criminal records and can get their student visas effortlessly.

Top Courses to Study in Canada

Canada has +100 public universities, which offer various UG and PG courses in different disciplines. The top courses to study in Canada from different disciplines are as follows:

  •   Management Courses
  •   Information Security Management
  •   Project Management
  •   Healthcare Management
  •   Engineering Courses
  •   Cloud Architecture
  •   M.Tech. in Biomedical Engineering 
  •   Computer Specialized Courses
  •   Data Science & Analyst
  •   VFX & Character Animation
  •   Software Development
  •   Medical Courses
  •   Doctor of Medicine (MD)
  •   Master of Surgery (MS)
  •   Master in Public Health
  •   Master in Forensic Science
  •   Master in Health Administration

The study in Canada offers specialization in different fields from top QS-listed universities at affordable tuition fees. The UG courses to study in Canada are research-based curricula and approaches to case studies of different subjects. 

The most approachable PG course to study in Canada is Master in Computer Science by Indian students. The approximate tuition fee for MS in Computer Science is 20-30 lakhs for a complete PG course.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for UG courses to study in Canada is as follows:

  •   Minimum 65% in 10+2 for a UG degree from any recognized board
  •   Or below 55% in 10+2 board class for any diploma and foundation courses
  •   Minimum 6.0-6.5 percentile score in IELTS examination
  •   Some universities need the score of TOEFL, GRE or GMAT exam
  •   Letter of Recommendation is required
  •   Statement of purpose (SOP) is also required 

Eligibility for PG courses to study in Canada is as follows:

  •   3 years bachelors degree from any discipline with academic transcripts as a proof of marks of student
  •   Minimum 6.0-6.5 percentile score in IELTS
  •   Letter of Recommendation is required for admission
  •   Statement of purpose (SOP) is also required 

Top Universities to Study in Canada

The courses from management, finance, engineering, medicines, information technology, and journalism offers various scholarship to study in Canada for Indian students. The public universities of Canada maintain the student-professor ratio and proper distribution of facilities and funds among top deserving students. 

These public QS-listed universities of Canada are mentioned below:

  •   University of Windsor
  •   University Canada West
  •   Conestoga College
  •   Humber College
  •   University of Waterloo
  •   University of Manitoba
  •   University of Regina
  •   Thompson Rivers University
  •   George Brown College
  •   Seneca College

Fee Structure

The average cost of study in Canada for Indian students is approximately 30-40 lakhs for a UG degree. Various scholarships are offered to international students, which makes the study in Canada the most affordable.

Other than the tuition fees, there are various other fees including accommodation, food, transportation, public facilities, and other essential charges, which have to be maintained by the students.

Career Scopes

After completion of the UG courses from Canada, Indian students have developed in all aspects- personally and professionally. After completion of the courses, they get numerous work opportunities in Canada or outside Canada. 

Indian students have to register themselves in the Post Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) to get an open work permit. Studying in Canada offers various work opportunities comprising Chief Marketing Officer, Accounts Manager, HR Manager, Administrative Assistant, Government Sector Manager, Architect, Biomedical Engineer, Software Developer, Data Analytics, Quality Assurance Analytics, Network Engineer, General Practitioner, Psychologist, Pediatrician, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the future scopes after studying in Canada for Indian students?

Indian students get immense work opportunities to get work in Canada or outside Canada in their specialized field. Indian students can enroll themselves in the Post Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) and get opportunities to work in Canada before starting to study a PG course. 

  1. What are the requirements to get a student visa to study in Canada?

The applicant who wishes to study in Canada needs a valid passport, degree certificates from a recognized university or board, a letter of recommendation from the previous educational institution, proof of payments, financial statements, and an acceptance letter from the university.

  1. What is the language of instruction for courses offered under study in Canada programs?

The courses offered under study in Canada program are taught in the English language. The official language of the country is English. Students need to qualify IELTS examination and scored a minimum 6.0 percentile to get admission to courses of study in Canada.

  1. Is the degree courses from Canada valid in India?

Yes, The degree courses of study in Canada are well-recognized all over the globe.

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