Fergana State University Medical Centre


Fergana State University Medical Centre is an esteemed Government University that existed in 1992, commonly known as Fergana State University. It is situated in Fergana Valley, Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan is one of the most resourceful countries. Every year, thousands of students apply for MBBS in Uzbekistan. There are several well-known universities in the country. A large number of medical students choose to pursue their MBBS abroad. In one of the few countries in the world, the Uzbek government offers MBBS at a low cost. Uzbek MBBS graduates can practice anywhere in the world. The doctors here are also well-known around the world.

It is considered one of the most reputable universities in Uzbekistan. It is one of the best-considered options for Indian students to pursue their MBBS Abroad education in the medical field. 

Students from all across the world especially from India consider it an optimal option, due to the well-versed study options available for students. Experienced teaching faculty and teachers are well attributed to the knowledge of their respective subjects—well-equipped types of machinery and a nuanced environment for the plethora of learning opportunities. 

Many other universities around the world favorably associate the procedure of direct admission for medical aspirants in the MBBS field if the candidates meet the eligibility criteria. Candidates seeking admission to this course can skip any IELTS/TOEFL exams. And has the option of working part-time.

It also encourages cultural and traditional learning and, most importantly, promotes creative and innovative global education approaches.

Highlights of Tashkent Medical Academy




Medium of Education

3,500 USD

Annual tuition fees

NMC, WHO, approved.


NEET Qualified

Admission Criteria


Students Trained

Why Choose this Tashkent Medical Academy?

Fergana State University Medical Centre is a prominent option for medical aspirants from all over the world. The University is accredited under reputable names such as MCI, WHO, and NMC. It is a great option to plan their Study Abroad Mission with inexpensive rates of medical courses and a plethora of opportunities to succeed.

The Universities Offer Exceptional Benefits to their Medical aspirants such as:

  • 1. Admission Procedure: Adaptable admission procedure.
  • 2. Favorable Learning Tools: Infrastructure that is well equipped and uses modern technology.
  • 3. Learning to Communicate: For International students to transmit education in English.
  • 4. Fee Affordability: In comparison to many private medical Universities in India, the fees are very low.
  • 5. International Recognition: Esteemed as the top-notch university in the medical field of the world.
  • 6. Approved by: Affiliated with NMC, MCI, WHO, and other internationally recognized educational firms.

Fergana State University Ranking

Uzbekistan -40th

World Ranking-8921th

Fergana State University Eligibility Criteria

Fergana State University offers various kinds of programs in the medical field. To be eligible according to the programs it offers


    Students Are Required To Qualify For Their Neet UG Exam.


    The Candidates must ensure to complete their 10+2 or equivalent from a renowned Education Board Like CBSE, ICSE, or any State Board.
    The Student or the medical aspirants should have Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as their prime subjects in their 10+2 Or equivalent.
    The Candidate must ensure to score a minimum score of 50% in their 10+2 or parallel.
    The Candidate must be eligible for the NEET Entrance Examination.


    Students must be 17 by 31st December In the year of admission.

Required Documents for enrolling in the university

10th & 12th mark sheet

NEET Scorecard

Original Passport

Passport size photographs

HIV Report

COVID-19 Report (Negative)

Fergana State University Medical

Fergana State University Medical Centre Fee Structure 2023





1st year

3500 USD

700 USD

4200 USD

2nd year

3500 USD


3500 USD

3rd year

3500 USD


3500 USD

4th year

3500 USD


3500 USD

5th year

3500 USD


3500 USD

6th year

3500 USD


3500 USD

Grand TotaL

= 21,700 USD

Campus Highlight

Reading Hall


Sports Ground

A student's life at Fergana State University

Fergana State University provides a top-notch quality of education to its medical aspirants. Fergana State University is up with all important and has well-equipped hostels with all the necessities. 

MBBS In Uzbekistan Is considered beneficial because this country has a striking beauty and limited population density which leads to surplus attention and best services to the students who are enrolled there. 

Life on the campus ofFergana State University is enthralling and students get their assurance to have top-notch educational facilities. Students are invited to explore the plethora of opportunities under one roof.

Some more facilities provided by the University to the students are:

  •  International students have access to excellent hostel facilities.
  •  The University hostel has separate hostels for both boys and girls.
  •  All of the hostels are fully furnished and equipped with conveniences such as heating and air conditioning.
  •  Indian delicacies of the highest quality are served in the hostel mess.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Are Uzbekistan Universities the best choice for doing medical courses for both Uzbekistan-born and international or foreign candidates?

Yes, Uzbekistan Universities are the best choice for both Uzbekistan-born and international students for MBBS courses as they provide high-quality education to the candidates or aspirants and also provide high-standard hostel facilities.

Q2.Does Uzbekistan have a good relationship with India? Does the degree have International recognition?

Uzbekistan extended its hand to India in a peaceful relationship, and they continue to work together to raise educational standards. Yes, the degree has international or global recognition.

Q3.Do students need to pass the NEET exam before applying to study MBBS in the Uzbekistan Entrance Exam?

For Indian students, it is mandatory to pass the NEET examination, and after completing the degree, FMGE, also known as Next, is required to become a professional medical practitioner in India.

Q4.Do Uzbekistan Universities provide MBBS courses in the English language also?

Yes, it is provided in the English language which helps foreign or international students and makes it easy for them to understand and complete their MBBS course without any language barrier.Yes, it is provided in the English language which helps foreign or international students and makes it easy for them to understand and complete their MBBS course without any language barrier.

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