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Tution Fee

NZ$ 31,484


Napier City’s suburb, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

About the University

The Eastern Institute of Technologywas founded in 1975. It was originally known as Hawke’s Bay Community College. In 1987, the college changed its name to Hawke‘s Bay Polytechnic. In 1996, it changed its name to the current name of the EIT. The EIT is a recognized higher education institution of the Government of New Zealand. 

It is recognized by the Department of Primary Industries, the Department of Secondary Education, the Department of Higher Education, and the National College of Pharmacy. Eastern Institute Technology's main campus is located in Napier City’s suburb, Hawke’s Bay. surrounded by stunning scenery and stunning architecture, 

EIT’s campus provides an ideal learning environment for its students. The University also operates two satellite campuses, located in Auckland and Gisborne, respectively. The University also operates several learning centers across the city, where education programs are taught.

Why study at the Eastern Institute of Technology

There are so many reasons to select the university because Victoria University of Wellington has various types of facilities. Below are a few reasons to select the university.

  • 1.The cost of living in New Zealand is much cheaper than other countries.

  • 2.All qualifications of New Zealand are recognized by big organizations, thus,foreign candidates or students can work anywhere in the world.

  • 3.Students get a quality learning experience.

  • 4.Entry requirements are minimal compared to most of the top universitiesworldwide.

  • 5.It is the best place for learning or studying not only for those who are NewZealand-born but also for international students.

  • 6.Universities have affordable tuition fees which may help those candidates whoare not financially strong.

  • 7.Every year, universities offer scholarships based on academic performance.Scholarships are mainly given to candidates with poor financial backgrounds.

Highlights of the VUW University

Name of the University Eastern Institute of Technology
Location Napier City’s suburb, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand
Type Public
Affiliated by Public NZ TEI
Total Students 10,222
International Students 4,321
Course offered Undergraduate Undergraduate
Language courses
Tuition Fee NZ$ 31,484
Intakes January and July
English Proficiency Test IELTS or TOEFL
Post-Study work visa Two to three years

University Ranking

The Eastern Institute of Technology Auckland is one of the top in world rankings in 2023 and is one of the leading universities in New Zealand and the world. According to the QS World University ranking, the institute ranking is 4067th in the world This ranking shows the quality of the University education system.
According to the 4icu.org ranking of the Eastern Institute of Technology Auckland.

New Zealand-7th

World Ranking-955th

Eastern Institute of Technology courses

Eastern Institute of Technology coursesincluding Humanities, Business Sciences,Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Health. Research-based education providesmany courses, including Law, Finance, Psychology, Economics, Business, andComputing. The university offers the following programs:

Undergraduate (UG)

Postgraduate (PG)


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)

Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech)

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

Bachelor of Science Nursery (BNS)

Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.)

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

Bachelor of Design (B.Des)

Admission Process at the University

VUW University Welcome every year many international students most of them students are Indian. So, who students want to be admitted to the university can apply easily and don’t need to worry about it. 

Victoria University of Wellington's admission process is very simple for students you can easily understand. Below the admission process is written step by step you can follow it and gain admission to the VUW University.

    Academic qualifications:The candidate must have at least the minimum academic qualifications required for their program. This could be a high school diploma or a tertiary qualification such as a diploma, certificate, or degree. 
    English Language Proficiency test score: If the candidate is an international student or offers vibrant, they may need to provide evidence of English language proficiency (ELP) if they haven’t completed their English education. They can do this by achieving certain points on an English proficiency test (ELP test, TOEFL test, PTE test).
    Relevant Work Experience: In addition to academic qualifications, some programs may also require work experience or practical knowledge. 
    Visa Requirements: To enroll at EIT, international students must obtain a New Zealand visa. 
    Interview or Portfolio: Depending on the program, candidates may need to submit a portfolio, perform an audition, or have an interview to prove their eligibility.

Required Documents for enrolling in the university

Educational Certificates such as 10th and 12th grades

Birth certificates

English Language Proficiency Test ( IELTS, TOEFL) result

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

Copy of Passport especially personal details pages

Confirmation of a Place (COP) document

Confirmation of Acceptance for Study (CAS) statement

Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Reference Letter (If any)

Identification Prove

Visa Process

Students from overseas countries must have a student visa to live in New Zealand and study in the country. The following documents are required for students to apply for student visas in New Zealand: 

    Successfully enrolled at the University 
    An online immigration account 
    A stamped country passport 
    A police certificate (up to 3 years validity) 
    Proof of funds for living expenses. 

If candidates have any queries, suggestions, or concerns, they can directly contact the Visa-Providing Department of the country. All students must submit their updated visas before the start of the program. Once candidates have completed the visa process, they can send their updated visa via e-mail so that they can complete their enrolment in the shortest possible time.

Scholarship facilities provided at the Institute

Students studying at EIT are eligible for a variety of University scholarships and awards. Candidates can complete, fill out, and post all scholarship applications. 

For scholarship, these important points need to be required for candidates: 

    Many scholarships are based on factors such as gender, field of study, and the school candidates are attending, so candidates make sure that they take all of these factors into account. 
    Make sure candidates include all required information. In many instances, they need to provide a copy of their academic transcripts.
    Don't miss out on the opportunity to apply for scholarships before closing dates (including time for posting). 
    Candidates can also apply for multiple scholarships. 

Applicants must have completed a qualifying course with the required educational result

Candidates must obtain an admission offer letter into one of the eligible courses offered by participating faculties

Desired students must fulfill minimum English language entry requirements for the degree schedule

Eastern Institute of Technology placement facilities

Eastern Institute of Technologyis one of the top and oldest universities in the country.It is not only known for its academic excellence but also for its student placement facility.Large companies come to the University to interview qualified students. After the interview, the student is selected for the company. 

If the student gets a job during their final year, they will have the chance to learn andperform the job at the same time. The university also offers placement assistance forstudents, which provides excellent guidance. Internships are a great way for students to connect with important recruiters and network. 

Faculties and staff at the University of Institute of Technology are always ready to assiststudents and provide excellent guidance. The placement cell helps students refreshtheir existing skills as well as learn new skills in the field they are interested in. It is also the first body to assist a bachelor in dealing with their personality or sensitive skills. 

Student Life at the Eastern Institute of Technology

When it comes to moving to a new place, all international students have some of the same questions—travel, lodging, etc. An international student does it all, from caring for the environment to taking on a new job. New Zealand is not as glamorous as it looks, but the study environment is friendly and welcoming. 

International student life at NZ universities and colleges provides outstanding learning and development opportunities. The academic and other career-focused education systems are beneficial. Living in NZ as an international student provides the applicant with a healthy blend of knowledge and experience that will equip them for the future. 

There is a wide variety of artwork on display at the university, including sculptures, paintings, videos, and photographs. The university has a long-standing tradition of performing arts, including traditional and modern plays, musicals and productions, and new and alternative shows.

The Eastern Institute of Technology also offers all the necessary amenities for students, making it easy for them to learn, especially for students visiting the hostel. The University is considered to be one of the top universities worldwide, where Indian students have the opportunity to study in a variety of courses. In addition to the University, candidates have the opportunity to visit traditional museums, as well as contemporary art galleries in most cities of New Zealand. 

Food Catering

Gyms and Fitness Centres

Clubs and Studios

Hostel Rooms

Cultural programs and events

Contact Affinity for proper guidance

Eastern Institute of Technology stands as a beacon of quality education, and we'vecovered all the crucial details in this blog to help you make an informed decision. Ifyou're considering enrolling at the University, remember that Affinity Education is here toguide you every step of the way on your admission journey.

Our dedicated team at Affinity Education is committed to providing you withpersonalized and comprehensive support. We understand that choosing the righteducational path is a significant decision, and we want to ensure that you have the bestpossible guidance throughout the entire admission process. From answering yourquestions, and assisting with your application, to help you explore scholarships andfinancial aid options, we're here to make you as smooth and informed as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Eastern Institute of Technology fees affordable?

Yes, the Eastern Institute of Technology fees are too low, especially for those who are financially weak.

Q2. How can candidates make the fee payments?

Fee payment for the engineering exams can be made by cash, card, NEFT, Net Banking, or UPI.

Q3. Is it hard to get into the Eastern Institute of Technology?

Eastern Institute of Technology has a 45% acceptance rate, making it one of the most competitive universities in the world.

Q4.Are Eastern Institute of Technology fees affordable?

Yes, the Eastern Institute of Technology fees are too low, especially for those who are financially weak.

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