Affinity Education Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s leading educational consultants when it comes to MBBS in India or abroad or management and engineering admissions into top universities in India. We’re one of the very few consultants out there that don’t just offer hand-holding services from registration to admission, but also access to free lectures and webinars via the “Affinity App”.

Since its establishment in 2009, our aim has always been to leave no stone unturned when it comes to aiding the students grab the best possible opportunity for a quality higher education. Therefore, we have tied up with top universities from Russia, Ukraine, The Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, The Caribbean, and many others.

To further help fulfill our goal, we’ve launched the “Affinity Education App” this year, with a variety of features and functions to make learning more accessible for students.


The overall quality of higher education of an individual depends on several factors. These include proper access to study material, a database of important notes from all years, frequent practice tests, guidance on choosing the right university, webinars and seminars and much more.

Having a dedicated function for each of the heads mentioned above, among others, this app makes sure that there’s no stone left unturned to make as many online and offline resources available for the students as possible. All this is available at one place just at the click of a button.

This app constantly gets updated with video lectures, mock tests as well as news concerning important seminars, webinars, and other sessions.


Considering the intense competition in the field of education consultancy, it’s important to offer more than just guidance. The need of the hour, therefore, becomes accessibility as well as skill development along with upskilling and adequate practice. The salient features of the Affinity App reflects the company’s resolve towards just that.


The Home Page displays all the top services offered by the app, webinars and live sessions to mock tests and previous year notes.

Video Lectures

Affinity offers free and detailed video lectures for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, along with revision classes by experienced teachers.

Mock Tests

Students can access the plethora of quizzes in such a way that there will never be a shortage of mock tests that can be attempted anytime.


The Affinity App offers regular webinars and LIVE sessions for periodic revisions of specific subjects/topics or the entire syllabus.

Rank Predictor

Affinity boasts of one of the most accurate rank predictors that will help the students decide on a strategy for MBBS beforehand.

University Comparison

The Affinity App allows users to compare the top MBBS abroad universities on Course duration, Fees, rankings, Accreditations, etc.

Counsellor Connect

Thanks to the App, students can have 1-to-1 sessions with the efficient counselors of Affinity Education having a success rate of 95%+ in admissions abroad.

User Login

Now that the details of all the services offered by the Affinity App are clear along with the perks that students can enjoy in it, it becomes important to understand the process of logging in and registering yourself.

There are primarily 2 ways through which you can register yourself on the Affinity App.

Verifying Your Mobile Number

This is the first step that’s extremely important for students who seek to use the services of this app. The process is an easy one as is visible from the steps mentioned below: -

1. Open the Affinity App

3. This will generate an OTP

2. Enter your mobile number

4. Fill in the OTP on the app page

This will lead to your contact number being verified and you shall get access to the “Dashboard” where you’ll be able to access all the services.


After getting your mobile number verified, the next step is getting yourself registered on the Affinity App so that you can receive all the recent updates, study material and other resources.

Login via Social Media

This is a comparatively easier process than the one above. Students can get themselves registered on the Affinity App through Google. All they need to do is choose the Google account that they want to link to the app and register through it.

It’s this account where they shall receive regular updates (in the form of notifications) regarding classes, seminars, webinars, live sessions, and other resources.